7 Interesting Facts about Venus

Venus is a planet of the Solar System, located between Mercury and Earth.

If you want to know more about this planet, check out a few interesting facts about Venus:

1. Venus is known as 'the Blue Planet' since it shines with bright blue light and it is the second brightest object in the skies after Moon

2. Venus is the only one planet in the Solar System, which has a counter-clockwise rotation, and it was found out that its rotation is slowing down in time.

3. The atmosphere of Venus has a lot of carbon dioxide, and the surface temperature on Venus is about 880 fahrenheit (470 celsius).

4. Unlike other planets in the Solar System, Venus has almost no axial tilt, thus there are no seasonal changes on Venus.

5. Due to the planet's atmosphere being too thick, the atmospheric pressure on Venus is 92 times higher than the one on Earth.

6. In terms of its size, Venus is very similar to Earth, and the diameter of Venus is only 396.5 miles smaller than the one of Earth.

7. The first mission was sent to Venus in the middle of the last century by the Soviet Union, which was also the first craft to land on the surface of Venus.




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