Structure and Height of the Atmosphere

The atmosphere is the layers of various gases and their mixtures, surrounding our planet. It mainly consists of nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, neon, helium, and other gases. The atmosphere can be characterized by such parameters as mass, pressure, consistency, density, temperature, and so on. Height of the atmosphere is one more very important parameter. 

There are 5 main layers of the atmosphere, which include (from the highest to the lowest) exosphere, thermosphere, mesosphere, stratosphere, and troposphere. By knowing their height, it is possible to estimate the height of the atmosphere.

Exosphere is estimated to be from 440 to 6,200 miles (which is equal to 700 - 10,000 km)

Thermosphere is from 50 to 440 miles high (which is 80 to 700 km)

Mesosphere has the height varying from 31 to 50 miles (about 50 to 80 km)

Stratosphere is only about 7-31 miles (which is between 12 to 50 km) thick

Troposphere is estimated to be from 0 to 7 miles (equal to 0 – 12 km)

The information above can help us to get an idea about what the height of the atmosphere is. It is a known fact that the limits of the atmosphere are not clear, and the density of the atmosphere becomes lower with the altitude, so the atmosphere fades away gradually. That is why the concept of the height of the atmosphere can be considered pretty vogue. 

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