The Oldest Living Bird on Earth

Most of the birds are not among the oldest living creatures on earth, though some kinds of owls and parrots can live really very long.

According to the Guinness Record Book, a cockatoo named Cookie, currently living at Brookfield Zoo in the city of Chicago, is the oldest living bird on earth.

Cookie was born in Austrialia, in 1933, and in less than a year he was transferred to Brookfield Zoo, opened in1934.

He is the only living creature survived from the times of the zoo opening.

The bird was retired from the exhibition in 2009, due to health condition and the effects of constant stresses linked to being on public for such long time.

Today, Cookie the cockatoo is 82 years old, which makes it the oldest living bird.

Note that the average lifespan of such cockatoos does not exceed 60-65 years.

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