The Size of Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S7 is one of the latest mobile phone models released in March 2016 and still remaining among the most popular and most sold mobile phone models in global market.

It was a very long expected piece of technology, and a great deal of people were wondering what parameters like weight, resolution, memory, sound and camera types, as well as the size of Samsung Galaxy S7 are going to be.

According to the specifications, the thickness of the Samsung Galaxy S7 is 7.9 mm, its length is 142.4 mm, and its width is 69.6 mm.

Speaking about the same parameters in inches, the dimensions of Samsung Galaxy S7 are the following: the length is 5.61 inches, the width is 2.74 inches, and the thickness is 0.31 inches.

Surely, the size of Samsung Galaxy S7 is among the principal parameters to consider when making decision about buying a mobile phone, but it is very important to learn full phone specifications and technical characteristics of the model.

Generally, Samsung Galaxy S7 is the technology which has got very positive reaction both from specialists and general public.

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