The Smallest Mammal on Earth

The smaller the animal, the more adorable and cute it is, some may say.

So, we may wonder and look for the answer to the question, what is the smallest mammal on earth?

Specialists found out that the Etruscan shrew (Suncus etruscus) should be considered the smallest mammal in the world.

This type of shrew is a truly tiny animal, which grows no more than 2.3 inches, or about 6 cm, in length.

This is the maximum size of these small animals.

In addition to being the smallest mammal on earth, Etruscan shrew is also the lightest one.

It weight usually does not exceed 2 grams!

It is interesting that the heart rate of this tiny creature is close to 25 beats per second, making it close to 1500 beats per minute.

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