The Tallest Tree on Earth

A large sequoia tree, located in Redwood National Park, California, is considered to be the tallest tree on earth.

It was discovered by two travelers, Michael Taylor and Chris Atkins, in summer 2006.

The tree underwent a few measurement procedures, some rough first ones, and the final one, broadcasted by Discovery Channel online.

It turned out that the tree is 379.7 feet or 115.72 meters tall, which is the tallest tree on earth.

The sequoia has got its personal name, Hyperion, after one of the most powerful Greek mythological Gods.

It is estimated that Hyperion tree is about 600 years old, which is not too much for a sequoia tree.

There are other tall trees named after Greek mythology characters, including 113.14 m tall Icarus, or 110.76 m tall Daedalus.

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