What You Need to Know About the Size of iPhone 7

September 2016 was marked by an important event in new communication technology world: the release of a new Apple Smartphone, iPhone 7.

Many specialists would agree to the fact that the new iPhone 7 is probably the best piece of mobile technology ever!

Its main advantages include a new revolutionary design, some technological breakthroughs used for improving system, sound, and graphic performance, as well as completely new technological developments like dual-camera system and an innovative quad-core system-on-chip.

Many potential users of this phone analyze carefully iPhone 7 size, design, features, and all characteristics.

From the point of size and dimensions, the new iPhone 7 has the following specifications:

Its height is 5.44 inches (or 138.3 mm)

Its width is 2.64 inches (or 67.1 mm)

Its depth is 0.28 inch (or 6.9 mm)

Besides, iPhone 7 weight is 5.04 ounces, which is only 143 grams

Certainly, new iPhone 7 size and design, functionality and innovative quality features make it one of the most demanded and desirable Smartphone of modern times!

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