About Us

It is a fact that we may not be in need of doing metric conversions on an everyday basis. We get used to measuring temperature, mass, or length in the units common for our locality, be it the US or the UK, or the countries of Eastern Europe or Asian continent. However, having at hand a good metric conversion calculator and related online tools can be very useful, since various systems of measurement are being used around the world. We may need to do metric conversions when we buy goods or food from Europe, or other countries which use metric system, and so need they when they purchase our products, made in USA.

The website was created by a group of enthusiasts as a great help for effective and very fast metric conversions which can be used by virtually any PC user, from young children to the elderly users. In addition to our convenient and effective conversion tool from metric to imperial units and vice versa, we also offer you easy-to-use metric conversion tables and charts. Also, in this website you can find some bits and pieces of information about measurement units, where and how they are used, etc.

We’d be glad if you find this metric conversion calculator helpful. If you have an idea about how to improve this conversion tool or how to make it more effective, you are welcome to share your thoughts with us. If you would like to suggest us what units we should add to our online calculator, please, do not hesitate to send us an email. If you know how to improve the function of our website and help other users make metric conversions in a more improved way, we are waiting for your innovative thoughts.

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