Revolutions to Milliradians Conversion (r to mil)

Please enter revolutions (r) value of angle unit to convert revolutions to milliradians.

1 r = 6283.18530718 mil
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r: Revolutions, mil: Milliradians
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How Many Milliradians in a Revolution?

There are 6283.18530718 milliradians in a revolution.
1 Revolution is equal to 6283.18530718 Milliradians.
1 r = 6283.18530718 mil

Revolutions Definition

Revolution is a unit of plane angle measurement equal to 2π radians

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Milliradians Definition

Milliradian is an angular measurement unit which is equal to 1/6000 of a turn.

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About r to mil Converter

This is a very easy to use revolutions to milliradians converter. First of all just type the revolutions (r) value in the text field of the conversion form to start converting r to mil, then select the decimals value and finally hit convert button if auto calculation didn't work. Milliradians value will be converted automatically as you type.

The decimals value is the number of digits to be calculated or rounded of the result of revolutions to milliradians conversion.

You can also check the revolutions to milliradians conversion chart below, or go back to revolutions to milliradians converter to top.

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Revolutions to Milliradians Conversion Chart

1 r6283.18530718 mil
2 r12566.37061436 mil
3 r18849.55592154 mil
4 r25132.74122872 mil
5 r31415.9265359 mil
6 r37699.11184308 mil
7 r43982.29715026 mil
8 r50265.48245744 mil
9 r56548.66776462 mil
10 r62831.8530718 mil
11 r69115.03837898 mil
12 r75398.22368616 mil
13 r81681.40899334 mil
14 r87964.59430052 mil
15 r94247.7796077 mil
16 r100530.96491488 mil
17 r106814.15022206 mil
18 r113097.33552924 mil
19 r119380.52083642 mil
20 r125663.7061436 mil
21 r131946.89145078 mil
22 r138230.07675796 mil
23 r144513.26206514 mil
24 r150796.44737232 mil
25 r157079.6326795 mil
26 r163362.81798668 mil
27 r169646.00329386 mil
28 r175929.18860104 mil
29 r182212.37390822 mil
30 r188495.5592154 mil
31 r194778.74452258 mil
32 r201061.92982976 mil
33 r207345.11513694 mil
34 r213628.30044412 mil
35 r219911.4857513 mil
36 r226194.67105848 mil
37 r232477.85636566 mil
38 r238761.04167284 mil
39 r245044.22698002 mil
40 r251327.4122872 mil
41 r257610.59759438 mil
42 r263893.78290156 mil
43 r270176.96820874 mil
44 r276460.15351592 mil
45 r282743.3388231 mil
46 r289026.52413028 mil
47 r295309.70943746 mil
48 r301592.89474464 mil
49 r307876.08005182 mil
50 r314159.265359 mil
50 r314159.265359 mil
55 r345575.1918949 mil
60 r376991.1184308 mil
65 r408407.0449667 mil
70 r439822.9715026 mil
75 r471238.8980385 mil
80 r502654.8245744 mil
85 r534070.7511103 mil
90 r565486.6776462 mil
95 r596902.6041821 mil
100 r628318.530718 mil
105 r659734.4572539 mil
110 r691150.3837898 mil
115 r722566.3103257 mil
120 r753982.2368616 mil
125 r785398.1633975 mil
130 r816814.0899334 mil
135 r848230.0164693 mil
140 r879645.9430052 mil
145 r911061.8695411 mil
150 r942477.796077 mil
155 r973893.7226129 mil
160 r1005309.6491488 mil
165 r1036725.5756847 mil
170 r1068141.5022206 mil
175 r1099557.4287565 mil
180 r1130973.3552924 mil
185 r1162389.2818283 mil
190 r1193805.2083642 mil
195 r1225221.1349001 mil
200 r1256637.061436 mil
205 r1288052.9879719 mil
210 r1319468.9145078 mil
215 r1350884.8410437 mil
220 r1382300.7675796 mil
225 r1413716.6941155 mil
230 r1445132.6206514 mil
235 r1476548.5471873 mil
240 r1507964.4737232 mil
245 r1539380.4002591 mil
250 r1570796.326795 mil
255 r1602212.2533309 mil
260 r1633628.1798668 mil
265 r1665044.1064027 mil
270 r1696460.0329386 mil
275 r1727875.9594745 mil
280 r1759291.8860104 mil
285 r1790707.8125463 mil
290 r1822123.7390822 mil
295 r1853539.6656181 mil
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