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Please enter revolutions (r) value of angle unit to convert revolutions to radians.

1 r = 6.283185307 rad
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How Many Radians in a Revolution?

There are 6.283185307 radians in a revolution.
1 Revolution is equal to 6.283185307 Radians.
1 r = 6.283185307 rad

Revolutions Definition

Revolution is a unit of plane angle measurement equal to 2π radians

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Radians Definition

Radian is the length of an arc of a unit circle that is numerically equal to the measurement in radians of the angle.

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About r to rad Converter

This is a very easy to use revolutions to radians converter. First of all just type the revolutions (r) value in the text field of the conversion form to start converting r to rad, then select the decimals value and finally hit convert button if auto calculation didn't work. Radians value will be converted automatically as you type.

The decimals value is the number of digits to be calculated or rounded of the result of revolutions to radians conversion.

You can also check the revolutions to radians conversion chart below, or go back to revolutions to radians converter to top.

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Revolutions to Radians Conversion Chart

1 r6.283185307 rad
2 r12.566370614 rad
3 r18.849555921 rad
4 r25.132741228 rad
5 r31.415926535 rad
6 r37.699111842 rad
7 r43.982297149 rad
8 r50.265482456 rad
9 r56.548667763 rad
10 r62.83185307 rad
11 r69.115038377 rad
12 r75.398223684 rad
13 r81.681408991 rad
14 r87.964594298 rad
15 r94.247779605 rad
16 r100.530964912 rad
17 r106.814150219 rad
18 r113.097335526 rad
19 r119.380520833 rad
20 r125.66370614 rad
21 r131.946891447 rad
22 r138.230076754 rad
23 r144.513262061 rad
24 r150.796447368 rad
25 r157.079632675 rad
26 r163.362817982 rad
27 r169.646003289 rad
28 r175.929188596 rad
29 r182.212373903 rad
30 r188.49555921 rad
31 r194.778744517 rad
32 r201.061929824 rad
33 r207.345115131 rad
34 r213.628300438 rad
35 r219.911485745 rad
36 r226.194671052 rad
37 r232.477856359 rad
38 r238.761041666 rad
39 r245.044226973 rad
40 r251.32741228 rad
41 r257.610597587 rad
42 r263.893782894 rad
43 r270.176968201 rad
44 r276.460153508 rad
45 r282.743338815 rad
46 r289.026524122 rad
47 r295.309709429 rad
48 r301.592894736 rad
49 r307.876080043 rad
50 r314.15926535 rad
50 r314.15926535 rad
55 r345.575191885 rad
60 r376.99111842 rad
65 r408.407044955 rad
70 r439.82297149 rad
75 r471.238898025 rad
80 r502.65482456 rad
85 r534.070751095 rad
90 r565.48667763 rad
95 r596.902604165 rad
100 r628.3185307 rad
105 r659.734457235 rad
110 r691.15038377 rad
115 r722.566310305 rad
120 r753.98223684 rad
125 r785.398163375 rad
130 r816.81408991 rad
135 r848.230016445 rad
140 r879.64594298 rad
145 r911.061869515 rad
150 r942.47779605 rad
155 r973.893722585 rad
160 r1005.30964912 rad
165 r1036.725575655 rad
170 r1068.14150219 rad
175 r1099.557428725 rad
180 r1130.97335526 rad
185 r1162.389281795 rad
190 r1193.80520833 rad
195 r1225.221134865 rad
200 r1256.6370614 rad
205 r1288.052987935 rad
210 r1319.46891447 rad
215 r1350.884841005 rad
220 r1382.30076754 rad
225 r1413.716694075 rad
230 r1445.13262061 rad
235 r1476.548547145 rad
240 r1507.96447368 rad
245 r1539.380400215 rad
250 r1570.79632675 rad
255 r1602.212253285 rad
260 r1633.62817982 rad
265 r1665.044106355 rad
270 r1696.46003289 rad
275 r1727.875959425 rad
280 r1759.29188596 rad
285 r1790.707812495 rad
290 r1822.12373903 rad
295 r1853.539665565 rad
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