Seconds to Milliradians Conversion (sec to mil)

Please enter seconds (sec) value of angle unit to convert seconds to milliradians.

1 sec = 0.004938271604936 mil
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sec: Seconds, mil: Milliradians
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How Many Milliradians in a Second?

There are 0.004938271604936 milliradians in a second.
1 Second is equal to 0.004938271604936 Milliradians.
1 sec = 0.004938271604936 mil

Seconds Definition

Second (arcsecond) is a unit of angular measurement equal to 1/360 of one degree.

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Milliradians Definition

Milliradian is an angular measurement unit which is equal to 1/6000 of a turn.

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About sec to mil Converter

This is a very easy to use seconds to milliradians converter. First of all just type the seconds (sec) value in the text field of the conversion form to start converting sec to mil, then select the decimals value and finally hit convert button if auto calculation didn't work. Milliradians value will be converted automatically as you type.

The decimals value is the number of digits to be calculated or rounded of the result of seconds to milliradians conversion.

You can also check the seconds to milliradians conversion chart below, or go back to seconds to milliradians converter to top.

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Seconds to Milliradians Conversion Chart

1 sec0.004938271604936 mil
2 sec0.009876543209872 mil
3 sec0.014814814814808 mil
4 sec0.019753086419744 mil
5 sec0.02469135802468 mil
6 sec0.029629629629616 mil
7 sec0.034567901234552 mil
8 sec0.039506172839488 mil
9 sec0.044444444444424 mil
10 sec0.04938271604936 mil
11 sec0.054320987654296 mil
12 sec0.059259259259232 mil
13 sec0.064197530864168 mil
14 sec0.069135802469104 mil
15 sec0.07407407407404 mil
16 sec0.079012345678976 mil
17 sec0.083950617283912 mil
18 sec0.088888888888848 mil
19 sec0.093827160493784 mil
20 sec0.09876543209872 mil
21 sec0.10370370370366 mil
22 sec0.10864197530859 mil
23 sec0.11358024691353 mil
24 sec0.11851851851846 mil
25 sec0.1234567901234 mil
26 sec0.12839506172834 mil
27 sec0.13333333333327 mil
28 sec0.13827160493821 mil
29 sec0.14320987654314 mil
30 sec0.14814814814808 mil
31 sec0.15308641975302 mil
32 sec0.15802469135795 mil
33 sec0.16296296296289 mil
34 sec0.16790123456782 mil
35 sec0.17283950617276 mil
36 sec0.1777777777777 mil
37 sec0.18271604938263 mil
38 sec0.18765432098757 mil
39 sec0.1925925925925 mil
40 sec0.19753086419744 mil
41 sec0.20246913580238 mil
42 sec0.20740740740731 mil
43 sec0.21234567901225 mil
44 sec0.21728395061718 mil
45 sec0.22222222222212 mil
46 sec0.22716049382706 mil
47 sec0.23209876543199 mil
48 sec0.23703703703693 mil
49 sec0.24197530864186 mil
50 sec0.2469135802468 mil
50 sec0.2469135802468 mil
55 sec0.27160493827148 mil
60 sec0.29629629629616 mil
65 sec0.32098765432084 mil
70 sec0.34567901234552 mil
75 sec0.3703703703702 mil
80 sec0.39506172839488 mil
85 sec0.41975308641956 mil
90 sec0.44444444444424 mil
95 sec0.46913580246892 mil
100 sec0.4938271604936 mil
105 sec0.51851851851828 mil
110 sec0.54320987654296 mil
115 sec0.56790123456764 mil
120 sec0.59259259259232 mil
125 sec0.617283950617 mil
130 sec0.64197530864168 mil
135 sec0.66666666666636 mil
140 sec0.69135802469104 mil
145 sec0.71604938271572 mil
150 sec0.7407407407404 mil
155 sec0.76543209876508 mil
160 sec0.79012345678976 mil
165 sec0.81481481481444 mil
170 sec0.83950617283912 mil
175 sec0.8641975308638 mil
180 sec0.88888888888848 mil
185 sec0.91358024691316 mil
190 sec0.93827160493784 mil
195 sec0.96296296296252 mil
200 sec0.9876543209872 mil
205 sec1.0123456790119 mil
210 sec1.0370370370366 mil
215 sec1.0617283950612 mil
220 sec1.0864197530859 mil
225 sec1.1111111111106 mil
230 sec1.1358024691353 mil
235 sec1.16049382716 mil
240 sec1.1851851851846 mil
245 sec1.2098765432093 mil
250 sec1.234567901234 mil
255 sec1.2592592592587 mil
260 sec1.2839506172834 mil
265 sec1.308641975308 mil
270 sec1.3333333333327 mil
275 sec1.3580246913574 mil
280 sec1.3827160493821 mil
285 sec1.4074074074068 mil
290 sec1.4320987654314 mil
295 sec1.4567901234561 mil
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