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Please enter seconds (sec) value of angle unit to convert seconds to radians.

1 sec = 4.84813681E-6 rad
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How Many Radians in a Second?

There are 4.84813681E-6 radians in a second.
1 Second is equal to 4.84813681E-6 Radians.
1 sec = 4.84813681E-6 rad

Seconds Definition

Second (arcsecond) is a unit of angular measurement equal to 1/360 of one degree.

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Radians Definition

Radian is the length of an arc of a unit circle that is numerically equal to the measurement in radians of the angle.

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About sec to rad Converter

This is a very easy to use seconds to radians converter. First of all just type the seconds (sec) value in the text field of the conversion form to start converting sec to rad, then select the decimals value and finally hit convert button if auto calculation didn't work. Radians value will be converted automatically as you type.

The decimals value is the number of digits to be calculated or rounded of the result of seconds to radians conversion.

You can also check the seconds to radians conversion chart below, or go back to seconds to radians converter to top.

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Seconds to Radians Conversion Chart

1 sec4.84813681E-6 rad
2 sec9.69627362E-6 rad
3 sec1.454441043E-5 rad
4 sec1.939254724E-5 rad
5 sec2.424068405E-5 rad
6 sec2.908882086E-5 rad
7 sec3.393695767E-5 rad
8 sec3.878509448E-5 rad
9 sec4.363323129E-5 rad
10 sec4.84813681E-5 rad
11 sec5.332950491E-5 rad
12 sec5.817764172E-5 rad
13 sec6.302577853E-5 rad
14 sec6.787391534E-5 rad
15 sec7.272205215E-5 rad
16 sec7.757018896E-5 rad
17 sec8.241832577E-5 rad
18 sec8.726646258E-5 rad
19 sec9.211459939E-5 rad
20 sec9.69627362E-5 rad
21 sec0.00010181087301 rad
22 sec0.00010665900982 rad
23 sec0.00011150714663 rad
24 sec0.00011635528344 rad
25 sec0.00012120342025 rad
26 sec0.00012605155706 rad
27 sec0.00013089969387 rad
28 sec0.00013574783068 rad
29 sec0.00014059596749 rad
30 sec0.0001454441043 rad
31 sec0.00015029224111 rad
32 sec0.00015514037792 rad
33 sec0.00015998851473 rad
34 sec0.00016483665154 rad
35 sec0.00016968478835 rad
36 sec0.00017453292516 rad
37 sec0.00017938106197 rad
38 sec0.00018422919878 rad
39 sec0.00018907733559 rad
40 sec0.0001939254724 rad
41 sec0.00019877360921 rad
42 sec0.00020362174602 rad
43 sec0.00020846988283 rad
44 sec0.00021331801964 rad
45 sec0.00021816615645 rad
46 sec0.00022301429326 rad
47 sec0.00022786243007 rad
48 sec0.00023271056688 rad
49 sec0.00023755870369 rad
50 sec0.0002424068405 rad
50 sec0.0002424068405 rad
55 sec0.00026664752455 rad
60 sec0.0002908882086 rad
65 sec0.00031512889265 rad
70 sec0.0003393695767 rad
75 sec0.00036361026075 rad
80 sec0.0003878509448 rad
85 sec0.00041209162885 rad
90 sec0.0004363323129 rad
95 sec0.00046057299695 rad
100 sec0.000484813681 rad
105 sec0.00050905436505 rad
110 sec0.0005332950491 rad
115 sec0.00055753573315 rad
120 sec0.0005817764172 rad
125 sec0.00060601710125 rad
130 sec0.0006302577853 rad
135 sec0.00065449846935 rad
140 sec0.0006787391534 rad
145 sec0.00070297983745 rad
150 sec0.0007272205215 rad
155 sec0.00075146120555 rad
160 sec0.0007757018896 rad
165 sec0.00079994257365 rad
170 sec0.0008241832577 rad
175 sec0.00084842394175 rad
180 sec0.0008726646258 rad
185 sec0.00089690530985 rad
190 sec0.0009211459939 rad
195 sec0.00094538667795 rad
200 sec0.000969627362 rad
205 sec0.00099386804605 rad
210 sec0.0010181087301 rad
215 sec0.00104234941415 rad
220 sec0.0010665900982 rad
225 sec0.00109083078225 rad
230 sec0.0011150714663 rad
235 sec0.00113931215035 rad
240 sec0.0011635528344 rad
245 sec0.00118779351845 rad
250 sec0.0012120342025 rad
255 sec0.00123627488655 rad
260 sec0.0012605155706 rad
265 sec0.00128475625465 rad
270 sec0.0013089969387 rad
275 sec0.00133323762275 rad
280 sec0.0013574783068 rad
285 sec0.00138171899085 rad
290 sec0.0014059596749 rad
295 sec0.00143020035895 rad
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