Hectare to Square Yard Conversion (ha to yd²)

Please enter hectare (ha) value of area unit to convert hectare to square yard.

How Many Square Yard in a Hectare?

There are 11959.90046 square yard in a hectare.
1 Hectare is equal to 11959.90046 Square Yard.
1 ha = 11959.90046 yd²

Hectare Definition

Arguably, a hectare can be named one of the most commonly used unit of area as it is accepted both by the SI and the Imperial system. A hectare is equal to 10,000 square meters: in other words, it is a piece of area with both length and width of 100 m. It is also 1/100th of a square km. The symbol accepted for hectare both in SI and the Imperial system is ha.

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Square Yard Definition

A square yard is an non-metric and a little old-fashioned unit of area used by those English-speaking countries which recognize and utilize the Imperial system. One square yard is an area equal to the one of a square with one yard on each side. Since this area unit is very close to one meter square (one yard is equal to 0.9144 meters, 3 feet or 36 inches), in modern times the use of square yards has been decreasing, and instead square meters are widely used for measuring relatively small areas.

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About ha to yd² Converter

This is a very easy to use hectare to square yard converter. First of all just type the hectare (ha) value in the text field of the conversion form to start converting ha to yd², then select the decimals value and finally hit convert button if auto calculation didn't work. Square Yard value will be converted automatically as you type.

The decimals value is the number of digits to be calculated or rounded of the result of hectare to square yard conversion.

You can also check the hectare to square yard conversion chart below, or go back to hectare to square yard converter to top.

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Hectare to Square Yard Conversion Examples

1 ha = 11959.90046 Square Yard

Example for 0.1 Hectare: 
0.1 Hectare = 0.1 (Hectare) 
0.1 Hectare = 0.1 x (11959.90046 Square Yard) 
0.1 Hectare = 1195.990046 Square Yard 

Example for 0.025 Hectare: 
0.025 Hectare = 0.025 (Hectare) 
0.025 Hectare = 0.025 x (11959.90046 Square Yard) 
0.025 Hectare = 298.9975115 Square Yard 

Example for 0.05 Hectare: 
0.05 Hectare = 0.05 (Hectare) 
0.05 Hectare = 0.05 x (11959.90046 Square Yard) 
0.05 Hectare = 597.995023 Square Yard 

Hectare to Square Yard Conversion Chart

HectareSquare Yard
1 ha11959.90046 yd²
2 ha23919.80092 yd²
3 ha35879.70138 yd²
4 ha47839.60184 yd²
5 ha59799.5023 yd²
6 ha71759.40276 yd²
7 ha83719.30322 yd²
8 ha95679.20368 yd²
9 ha107639.10414 yd²
10 ha119599.0046 yd²
11 ha131558.90506 yd²
12 ha143518.80552 yd²
13 ha155478.70598 yd²
14 ha167438.60644 yd²
15 ha179398.5069 yd²
16 ha191358.40736 yd²
17 ha203318.30782 yd²
18 ha215278.20828 yd²
19 ha227238.10874 yd²
20 ha239198.0092 yd²
21 ha251157.90966 yd²
22 ha263117.81012 yd²
23 ha275077.71058 yd²
24 ha287037.61104 yd²
25 ha298997.5115 yd²
26 ha310957.41196 yd²
27 ha322917.31242 yd²
28 ha334877.21288 yd²
29 ha346837.11334 yd²
30 ha358797.0138 yd²
31 ha370756.91426 yd²
32 ha382716.81472 yd²
33 ha394676.71518 yd²
34 ha406636.61564 yd²
35 ha418596.5161 yd²
36 ha430556.41656 yd²
37 ha442516.31702 yd²
38 ha454476.21748 yd²
39 ha466436.11794 yd²
40 ha478396.0184 yd²
41 ha490355.91886 yd²
42 ha502315.81932 yd²
43 ha514275.71978 yd²
44 ha526235.62024 yd²
45 ha538195.5207 yd²
46 ha550155.42116 yd²
47 ha562115.32162 yd²
48 ha574075.22208 yd²
49 ha586035.12254 yd²
50 ha597995.023 yd²
HectareSquare Yard
50 ha597995.023 yd²
55 ha657794.5253 yd²
60 ha717594.0276 yd²
65 ha777393.5299 yd²
70 ha837193.0322 yd²
75 ha896992.5345 yd²
80 ha956792.0368 yd²
85 ha1016591.5391 yd²
90 ha1076391.0414 yd²
95 ha1136190.5437 yd²
100 ha1195990.046 yd²
105 ha1255789.5483 yd²
110 ha1315589.0506 yd²
115 ha1375388.5529 yd²
120 ha1435188.0552 yd²
125 ha1494987.5575 yd²
130 ha1554787.0598 yd²
135 ha1614586.5621 yd²
140 ha1674386.0644 yd²
145 ha1734185.5667 yd²
150 ha1793985.069 yd²
155 ha1853784.5713 yd²
160 ha1913584.0736 yd²
165 ha1973383.5759 yd²
170 ha2033183.0782 yd²
175 ha2092982.5805 yd²
180 ha2152782.0828 yd²
185 ha2212581.5851 yd²
190 ha2272381.0874 yd²
195 ha2332180.5897 yd²
200 ha2391980.092 yd²
205 ha2451779.5943 yd²
210 ha2511579.0966 yd²
215 ha2571378.5989 yd²
220 ha2631178.1012 yd²
225 ha2690977.6035 yd²
230 ha2750777.1058 yd²
235 ha2810576.6081 yd²
240 ha2870376.1104 yd²
245 ha2930175.6127 yd²
250 ha2989975.115 yd²
255 ha3049774.6173 yd²
260 ha3109574.1196 yd²
265 ha3169373.6219 yd²
270 ha3229173.1242 yd²
275 ha3288972.6265 yd²
280 ha3348772.1288 yd²
285 ha3408571.6311 yd²
290 ha3468371.1334 yd²
295 ha3528170.6357 yd²

Hectare to Square Yard Common Values

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