Square Centimeter to Square Foot Conversion (cm² to ft²)

Please enter square centimeter (cm²) value of area unit to convert square centimeter to square foot.

How Many Square Foot in a Square Centimeter?

There are 0.001076391 square foot in a square centimeter.
1 Square Centimeter is equal to 0.001076391 Square Foot.
1 cm² = 0.001076391 ft²

Square Centimeter Definition

A square centimeter is a SI unit of area which is equal to an area of a square with 1 cm on each side. This is a unit used for measuring very small areas, mainly in some scientific drawings or other similar kind of purposes. The internationally accepted symbol for q square centimeter is cm2.

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Square Foot Definition

A square foot (pl. square feet) is one of the most commonly used non-metric and non-SI unit of area. In the countries traditionally tied with the Imperial system, a square foot can be used for measuring square footage of relatively small kinds of areas, including the one of rooms, middle size objects, etc. A square foot is equal to 144 square inches, or 0.0929 square meters. Instead of a common short symbol, this unit is usually marked as sq ft or ft2.

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About cm² to ft² Converter

This is a very easy to use square centimeter to square foot converter. First of all just type the square centimeter (cm²) value in the text field of the conversion form to start converting cm² to ft², then select the decimals value and finally hit convert button if auto calculation didn't work. Square Foot value will be converted automatically as you type.

The decimals value is the number of digits to be calculated or rounded of the result of square centimeter to square foot conversion.

You can also check the square centimeter to square foot conversion chart below, or go back to square centimeter to square foot converter to top.

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Square Centimeter to Square Foot Conversion Examples

1 cm² = 0.001076391 Square Foot

Example for 500 Square Centimeter: 
500 Square Centimeter = 500 (Square Centimeter) 
500 Square Centimeter = 500 x (0.001076391 Square Foot) 
500 Square Centimeter = 0.5381955 Square Foot 

Example for 177 Square Centimeter: 
177 Square Centimeter = 177 (Square Centimeter) 
177 Square Centimeter = 177 x (0.001076391 Square Foot) 
177 Square Centimeter = 0.190521207 Square Foot 

Example for 2 Square Centimeter: 
2 Square Centimeter = 2 (Square Centimeter) 
2 Square Centimeter = 2 x (0.001076391 Square Foot) 
2 Square Centimeter = 0.002152782 Square Foot 

Square Centimeter to Square Foot Conversion Chart

Square CentimeterSquare Foot
1 cm²0.001076391 ft²
2 cm²0.002152782 ft²
3 cm²0.003229173 ft²
4 cm²0.004305564 ft²
5 cm²0.005381955 ft²
6 cm²0.006458346 ft²
7 cm²0.007534737 ft²
8 cm²0.008611128 ft²
9 cm²0.009687519 ft²
10 cm²0.01076391 ft²
11 cm²0.011840301 ft²
12 cm²0.012916692 ft²
13 cm²0.013993083 ft²
14 cm²0.015069474 ft²
15 cm²0.016145865 ft²
16 cm²0.017222256 ft²
17 cm²0.018298647 ft²
18 cm²0.019375038 ft²
19 cm²0.020451429 ft²
20 cm²0.02152782 ft²
21 cm²0.022604211 ft²
22 cm²0.023680602 ft²
23 cm²0.024756993 ft²
24 cm²0.025833384 ft²
25 cm²0.026909775 ft²
26 cm²0.027986166 ft²
27 cm²0.029062557 ft²
28 cm²0.030138948 ft²
29 cm²0.031215339 ft²
30 cm²0.03229173 ft²
31 cm²0.033368121 ft²
32 cm²0.034444512 ft²
33 cm²0.035520903 ft²
34 cm²0.036597294 ft²
35 cm²0.037673685 ft²
36 cm²0.038750076 ft²
37 cm²0.039826467 ft²
38 cm²0.040902858 ft²
39 cm²0.041979249 ft²
40 cm²0.04305564 ft²
41 cm²0.044132031 ft²
42 cm²0.045208422 ft²
43 cm²0.046284813 ft²
44 cm²0.047361204 ft²
45 cm²0.048437595 ft²
46 cm²0.049513986 ft²
47 cm²0.050590377 ft²
48 cm²0.051666768 ft²
49 cm²0.052743159 ft²
50 cm²0.05381955 ft²
Square CentimeterSquare Foot
50 cm²0.05381955 ft²
55 cm²0.059201505 ft²
60 cm²0.06458346 ft²
65 cm²0.069965415 ft²
70 cm²0.07534737 ft²
75 cm²0.080729325 ft²
80 cm²0.08611128 ft²
85 cm²0.091493235 ft²
90 cm²0.09687519 ft²
95 cm²0.102257145 ft²
100 cm²0.1076391 ft²
105 cm²0.113021055 ft²
110 cm²0.11840301 ft²
115 cm²0.123784965 ft²
120 cm²0.12916692 ft²
125 cm²0.134548875 ft²
130 cm²0.13993083 ft²
135 cm²0.145312785 ft²
140 cm²0.15069474 ft²
145 cm²0.156076695 ft²
150 cm²0.16145865 ft²
155 cm²0.166840605 ft²
160 cm²0.17222256 ft²
165 cm²0.177604515 ft²
170 cm²0.18298647 ft²
175 cm²0.188368425 ft²
180 cm²0.19375038 ft²
185 cm²0.199132335 ft²
190 cm²0.20451429 ft²
195 cm²0.209896245 ft²
200 cm²0.2152782 ft²
205 cm²0.220660155 ft²
210 cm²0.22604211 ft²
215 cm²0.231424065 ft²
220 cm²0.23680602 ft²
225 cm²0.242187975 ft²
230 cm²0.24756993 ft²
235 cm²0.252951885 ft²
240 cm²0.25833384 ft²
245 cm²0.263715795 ft²
250 cm²0.26909775 ft²
255 cm²0.274479705 ft²
260 cm²0.27986166 ft²
265 cm²0.285243615 ft²
270 cm²0.29062557 ft²
275 cm²0.296007525 ft²
280 cm²0.30138948 ft²
285 cm²0.306771435 ft²
290 cm²0.31215339 ft²
295 cm²0.317535345 ft²

Square Centimeter to Square Foot Common Values

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