Square Foot to Hectare Conversion (ft² to ha)

Please enter square foot (ft²) value of area unit to convert square foot to hectare.

How Many Hectare in a Square Foot?

There are 9.290304E-6 hectare in a square foot.
1 Square Foot is equal to 9.290304E-6 Hectare.
1 ft² = 9.290304E-6 ha

Square Foot Definition

A square foot (pl. square feet) is one of the most commonly used non-metric and non-SI unit of area. In the countries traditionally tied with the Imperial system, a square foot can be used for measuring square footage of relatively small kinds of areas, including the one of rooms, middle size objects, etc. A square foot is equal to 144 square inches, or 0.0929 square meters. Instead of a common short symbol, this unit is usually marked as sq ft or ft2.

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Hectare Definition

Arguably, a hectare can be named one of the most commonly used unit of area as it is accepted both by the SI and the Imperial system. A hectare is equal to 10,000 square meters: in other words, it is a piece of area with both length and width of 100 m. It is also 1/100th of a square km. The symbol accepted for hectare both in SI and the Imperial system is ha.

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About ft² to ha Converter

This is a very easy to use square foot to hectare converter. First of all just type the square foot (ft²) value in the text field of the conversion form to start converting ft² to ha, then select the decimals value and finally hit convert button if auto calculation didn't work. Hectare value will be converted automatically as you type.

The decimals value is the number of digits to be calculated or rounded of the result of square foot to hectare conversion.

You can also check the square foot to hectare conversion chart below, or go back to square foot to hectare converter to top.

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Square Foot to Hectare Conversion Examples

1 ft² = 9.290304E-6 Hectare

Example for 5000 Square Foot: 
5000 Square Foot = 5000 (Square Foot) 
5000 Square Foot = 5000 x (9.290304E-6 Hectare) 
5000 Square Foot = 0.04645152 Hectare 

Example for 43560 Square Foot: 
43560 Square Foot = 43560 (Square Foot) 
43560 Square Foot = 43560 x (9.290304E-6 Hectare) 
43560 Square Foot = 0.40468564224 Hectare 

Example for 2 Square Foot: 
2 Square Foot = 2 (Square Foot) 
2 Square Foot = 2 x (9.290304E-6 Hectare) 
2 Square Foot = 1.8580608E-5 Hectare 

Square Foot to Hectare Conversion Chart

Square FootHectare
1 ft²9.290304E-6 ha
2 ft²1.8580608E-5 ha
3 ft²2.7870912E-5 ha
4 ft²3.7161216E-5 ha
5 ft²4.645152E-5 ha
6 ft²5.5741824E-5 ha
7 ft²6.5032128E-5 ha
8 ft²7.4322432E-5 ha
9 ft²8.3612736E-5 ha
10 ft²9.290304E-5 ha
11 ft²0.000102193344 ha
12 ft²0.000111483648 ha
13 ft²0.000120773952 ha
14 ft²0.000130064256 ha
15 ft²0.00013935456 ha
16 ft²0.000148644864 ha
17 ft²0.000157935168 ha
18 ft²0.000167225472 ha
19 ft²0.000176515776 ha
20 ft²0.00018580608 ha
21 ft²0.000195096384 ha
22 ft²0.000204386688 ha
23 ft²0.000213676992 ha
24 ft²0.000222967296 ha
25 ft²0.0002322576 ha
26 ft²0.000241547904 ha
27 ft²0.000250838208 ha
28 ft²0.000260128512 ha
29 ft²0.000269418816 ha
30 ft²0.00027870912 ha
31 ft²0.000287999424 ha
32 ft²0.000297289728 ha
33 ft²0.000306580032 ha
34 ft²0.000315870336 ha
35 ft²0.00032516064 ha
36 ft²0.000334450944 ha
37 ft²0.000343741248 ha
38 ft²0.000353031552 ha
39 ft²0.000362321856 ha
40 ft²0.00037161216 ha
41 ft²0.000380902464 ha
42 ft²0.000390192768 ha
43 ft²0.000399483072 ha
44 ft²0.000408773376 ha
45 ft²0.00041806368 ha
46 ft²0.000427353984 ha
47 ft²0.000436644288 ha
48 ft²0.000445934592 ha
49 ft²0.000455224896 ha
50 ft²0.0004645152 ha
Square FootHectare
50 ft²0.0004645152 ha
55 ft²0.00051096672 ha
60 ft²0.00055741824 ha
65 ft²0.00060386976 ha
70 ft²0.00065032128 ha
75 ft²0.0006967728 ha
80 ft²0.00074322432 ha
85 ft²0.00078967584 ha
90 ft²0.00083612736 ha
95 ft²0.00088257888 ha
100 ft²0.0009290304 ha
105 ft²0.00097548192 ha
110 ft²0.00102193344 ha
115 ft²0.00106838496 ha
120 ft²0.00111483648 ha
125 ft²0.001161288 ha
130 ft²0.00120773952 ha
135 ft²0.00125419104 ha
140 ft²0.00130064256 ha
145 ft²0.00134709408 ha
150 ft²0.0013935456 ha
155 ft²0.00143999712 ha
160 ft²0.00148644864 ha
165 ft²0.00153290016 ha
170 ft²0.00157935168 ha
175 ft²0.0016258032 ha
180 ft²0.00167225472 ha
185 ft²0.00171870624 ha
190 ft²0.00176515776 ha
195 ft²0.00181160928 ha
200 ft²0.0018580608 ha
205 ft²0.00190451232 ha
210 ft²0.00195096384 ha
215 ft²0.00199741536 ha
220 ft²0.00204386688 ha
225 ft²0.0020903184 ha
230 ft²0.00213676992 ha
235 ft²0.00218322144 ha
240 ft²0.00222967296 ha
245 ft²0.00227612448 ha
250 ft²0.002322576 ha
255 ft²0.00236902752 ha
260 ft²0.00241547904 ha
265 ft²0.00246193056 ha
270 ft²0.00250838208 ha
275 ft²0.0025548336 ha
280 ft²0.00260128512 ha
285 ft²0.00264773664 ha
290 ft²0.00269418816 ha
295 ft²0.00274063968 ha

Square Foot to Hectare Common Values

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