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1 b = 0.25 n
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Bits Conversions

How Many Nibbles in a Bit?

There are 0.25 nibbles in a bit.
1 Bit is equal to 0.25 Nibbles.
1 b = 0.25 n

Bits Definition

A bit is the smallest unit for data volume represented with a single digital 1 or 0. It is used in digital computing and communication, information theory, quantum computing, and so on. A bit is the most fundamental unit of binary information.

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Nibbles Definition

A nibble is the unit for data volume represented with four digits of binary information formed with digital 1s and 0s. This unit contains 4 bits, thus it may have only 16 possible values. Two nibbles make 1 byte, and this unit is widely used in computing, data storage, communication, etc. There are so called high nibbles and low nibbles used for defining the nibble containing more and less important bits in a byte.

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About b to n Converter

This is a very easy to use bits to nibbles converter. First of all just type the bits (b) value in the text field of the conversion form to start converting b to n, then select the decimals value and finally hit convert button if auto calculation didn't work. Nibbles value will be converted automatically as you type.

The decimals value is the number of digits to be calculated or rounded of the result of bits to nibbles conversion.

You can also check the bits to nibbles conversion chart below, or go back to bits to nibbles converter to top.

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Bits to Nibbles Conversion Examples

1 b = 0.25 Nibbles

Example for 1024 Bits: 
1024 Bits = 1024 (Bits) 
1024 Bits = 1024 x (0.25 Nibbles) 
1024 Bits = 256 Nibbles 

Example for 100 Bits: 
100 Bits = 100 (Bits) 
100 Bits = 100 x (0.25 Nibbles) 
100 Bits = 25 Nibbles 

Bits to Nibbles Conversion Chart

1 b0.25 n
2 b0.5 n
3 b0.75 n
4 b1 n
5 b1.25 n
6 b1.5 n
7 b1.75 n
8 b2 n
9 b2.25 n
10 b2.5 n
11 b2.75 n
12 b3 n
13 b3.25 n
14 b3.5 n
15 b3.75 n
16 b4 n
17 b4.25 n
18 b4.5 n
19 b4.75 n
20 b5 n
21 b5.25 n
22 b5.5 n
23 b5.75 n
24 b6 n
25 b6.25 n
26 b6.5 n
27 b6.75 n
28 b7 n
29 b7.25 n
30 b7.5 n
31 b7.75 n
32 b8 n
33 b8.25 n
34 b8.5 n
35 b8.75 n
36 b9 n
37 b9.25 n
38 b9.5 n
39 b9.75 n
40 b10 n
41 b10.25 n
42 b10.5 n
43 b10.75 n
44 b11 n
45 b11.25 n
46 b11.5 n
47 b11.75 n
48 b12 n
49 b12.25 n
50 b12.5 n
50 b12.5 n
55 b13.75 n
60 b15 n
65 b16.25 n
70 b17.5 n
75 b18.75 n
80 b20 n
85 b21.25 n
90 b22.5 n
95 b23.75 n
100 b25 n
105 b26.25 n
110 b27.5 n
115 b28.75 n
120 b30 n
125 b31.25 n
130 b32.5 n
135 b33.75 n
140 b35 n
145 b36.25 n
150 b37.5 n
155 b38.75 n
160 b40 n
165 b41.25 n
170 b42.5 n
175 b43.75 n
180 b45 n
185 b46.25 n
190 b47.5 n
195 b48.75 n
200 b50 n
205 b51.25 n
210 b52.5 n
215 b53.75 n
220 b55 n
225 b56.25 n
230 b57.5 n
235 b58.75 n
240 b60 n
245 b61.25 n
250 b62.5 n
255 b63.75 n
260 b65 n
265 b66.25 n
270 b67.5 n
275 b68.75 n
280 b70 n
285 b71.25 n
290 b72.5 n
295 b73.75 n

Bits to Nibbles Common Values

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