Hectometer to Feet Conversion (hm to ft)

Please enter hectometer (hm) value of length unit to convert hectometer to feet.

How Many Feet in a Hectometer?

There are 328.08398950131 feet in a hectometer.
1 Hectometer is equal to 328.08398950131 Feet.
1 hm = 328.08398950131 ft

Hectometer Definition

A hectometer is one of the least commonly used in modern metric system unit of length or distance. One hectometer is equal to 100 meters or 1/10th of kilometer. Hectometer can be considered a practical unit for measuring small distances or the dimensions of relatively large objects like very large premises, large water reservoirs, small pool length, etc. Along with linear measurement, hectometer is sometimes used as a unit of volumetric measurement.

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Feet Definition

A foot (pl. feet) is a common length unit used in Imperial system and the current US customary unit system. A foot is equal to 0.3048 meter. This unit of length has been used in Europe since the times of the Roman Empire and ancient Greece. A foot has 12 inches, and 3 foot make a yard. The abbreviation for foot is ft.

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About hm to ft Converter

This is a very easy to use hectometer to feet converter. First of all just type the hectometer (hm) value in the text field of the conversion form to start converting hm to ft, then select the decimals value and finally hit convert button if auto calculation didn't work. Feet value will be converted automatically as you type.

The decimals value is the number of digits to be calculated or rounded of the result of hectometer to feet conversion.

You can also check the hectometer to feet conversion chart below, or go back to hectometer to feet converter to top.

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Hectometer to Feet Conversion Examples

1 hm = 328.08398950131 Feet

Example for 0.0193 Hectometer: 
0.0193 Hectometer = 0.0193 (Hectometer) 
0.0193 Hectometer = 0.0193 x (328.08398950131 Feet) 
0.0193 Hectometer = 6.3320209973753 Feet 

Example for 1270 Hectometer: 
1270 Hectometer = 1270 (Hectometer) 
1270 Hectometer = 1270 x (328.08398950131 Feet) 
1270 Hectometer = 416666.66666667 Feet 

Example for 180 Hectometer: 
180 Hectometer = 180 (Hectometer) 
180 Hectometer = 180 x (328.08398950131 Feet) 
180 Hectometer = 59055.118110236 Feet 

Hectometer to Feet Conversion Chart

1 hm328.08398950131 ft
2 hm656.16797900262 ft
3 hm984.25196850394 ft
4 hm1312.3359580052 ft
5 hm1640.4199475066 ft
6 hm1968.5039370079 ft
7 hm2296.5879265092 ft
8 hm2624.6719160105 ft
9 hm2952.7559055118 ft
10 hm3280.8398950131 ft
11 hm3608.9238845144 ft
12 hm3937.0078740157 ft
13 hm4265.0918635171 ft
14 hm4593.1758530184 ft
15 hm4921.2598425197 ft
16 hm5249.343832021 ft
17 hm5577.4278215223 ft
18 hm5905.5118110236 ft
19 hm6233.5958005249 ft
20 hm6561.6797900262 ft
21 hm6889.7637795276 ft
22 hm7217.8477690289 ft
23 hm7545.9317585302 ft
24 hm7874.0157480315 ft
25 hm8202.0997375328 ft
26 hm8530.1837270341 ft
27 hm8858.2677165354 ft
28 hm9186.3517060367 ft
29 hm9514.4356955381 ft
30 hm9842.5196850394 ft
31 hm10170.603674541 ft
32 hm10498.687664042 ft
33 hm10826.771653543 ft
34 hm11154.855643045 ft
35 hm11482.939632546 ft
36 hm11811.023622047 ft
37 hm12139.107611549 ft
38 hm12467.19160105 ft
39 hm12795.275590551 ft
40 hm13123.359580052 ft
41 hm13451.443569554 ft
42 hm13779.527559055 ft
43 hm14107.611548556 ft
44 hm14435.695538058 ft
45 hm14763.779527559 ft
46 hm15091.86351706 ft
47 hm15419.947506562 ft
48 hm15748.031496063 ft
49 hm16076.115485564 ft
50 hm16404.199475066 ft
50 hm16404.199475066 ft
55 hm18044.619422572 ft
60 hm19685.039370079 ft
65 hm21325.459317585 ft
70 hm22965.879265092 ft
75 hm24606.299212598 ft
80 hm26246.719160105 ft
85 hm27887.139107612 ft
90 hm29527.559055118 ft
95 hm31167.979002625 ft
100 hm32808.398950131 ft
105 hm34448.818897638 ft
110 hm36089.238845144 ft
115 hm37729.658792651 ft
120 hm39370.078740157 ft
125 hm41010.498687664 ft
130 hm42650.918635171 ft
135 hm44291.338582677 ft
140 hm45931.758530184 ft
145 hm47572.17847769 ft
150 hm49212.598425197 ft
155 hm50853.018372703 ft
160 hm52493.43832021 ft
165 hm54133.858267717 ft
170 hm55774.278215223 ft
175 hm57414.69816273 ft
180 hm59055.118110236 ft
185 hm60695.538057743 ft
190 hm62335.958005249 ft
195 hm63976.377952756 ft
200 hm65616.797900262 ft
205 hm67257.217847769 ft
210 hm68897.637795276 ft
215 hm70538.057742782 ft
220 hm72178.477690289 ft
225 hm73818.897637795 ft
230 hm75459.317585302 ft
235 hm77099.737532808 ft
240 hm78740.157480315 ft
245 hm80380.577427822 ft
250 hm82020.997375328 ft
255 hm83661.417322835 ft
260 hm85301.837270341 ft
265 hm86942.257217848 ft
270 hm88582.677165354 ft
275 hm90223.097112861 ft
280 hm91863.517060367 ft
285 hm93503.937007874 ft
290 hm95144.356955381 ft
295 hm96784.776902887 ft

Hectometer to Feet Common Values

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