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1 °C = 33.8 °F
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Celsius Conversions

1 Celsius is equal to 33.8 Fahrenheit.

Celsius Definition

Celsius, sometimes referred to as centigrade, is a unit for temperature measurement and a related temperature scale. It has got the name of its developer, the Swedish scientist and physicist A. Celsius. The SI recognizes Celsius as a base temperature measurement unit, and the symbol for Celsius is °C. Traditionally, the scale is defined and the following: 0 °C is the water freezing point, and 100 °C is boiling water point (at sea level).

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Fahrenheit Definition

Fahrenheit is a temperature measurement unit and a scale developed in the beginning of the 18th century by a German physicist and scientists D. G. Fahrenheit. This unit is widely used in the US and other countries of the world using the Imperial system. It is accepted by SI with the given symbol F. Fahrenheit scale is based on two fixed points: 32F is defined as water freezing point, and 212F is water boiling point.

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About °C to °F Converter

This is a very easy to use celsius to fahrenheit converter. First of all just type the celsius (°C) value in the text field of the conversion form to start converting °C to °F, then select the decimals value and finally hit convert button if auto calculation didn't work. Fahrenheit value will be converted automatically as you type.

The decimals value is the number of digits to be calculated or rounded of the result of celsius to fahrenheit conversion.

You can also check the celsius to fahrenheit conversion chart below, or go back to celsius to fahrenheit converter to top.

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Celsius to Fahrenheit conversion formula

°F = °C * 1.8 + 32

Example: 20 °C  = 68 °F

20 * 1.8 = 36

36 + 32 = 68

Celsius to Fahrenheit Conversion Chart

1 °C33.8 °F
2 °C35.6 °F
3 °C37.4 °F
4 °C39.2 °F
5 °C41 °F
6 °C42.8 °F
7 °C44.6 °F
8 °C46.4 °F
9 °C48.2 °F
10 °C50 °F
11 °C51.8 °F
12 °C53.6 °F
13 °C55.4 °F
14 °C57.2 °F
15 °C59 °F
16 °C60.8 °F
17 °C62.6 °F
18 °C64.4 °F
19 °C66.2 °F
20 °C68 °F
21 °C69.8 °F
22 °C71.6 °F
23 °C73.4 °F
24 °C75.2 °F
25 °C77 °F
26 °C78.8 °F
27 °C80.6 °F
28 °C82.4 °F
29 °C84.2 °F
30 °C86 °F
31 °C87.8 °F
32 °C89.6 °F
33 °C91.4 °F
34 °C93.2 °F
35 °C95 °F
36 °C96.8 °F
37 °C98.6 °F
38 °C100.4 °F
39 °C102.2 °F
40 °C104 °F
41 °C105.8 °F
42 °C107.6 °F
43 °C109.4 °F
44 °C111.2 °F
45 °C113 °F
46 °C114.8 °F
47 °C116.6 °F
48 °C118.4 °F
49 °C120.2 °F
50 °C122 °F
50 °C122 °F
55 °C131 °F
60 °C140 °F
65 °C149 °F
70 °C158 °F
75 °C167 °F
80 °C176 °F
85 °C185 °F
90 °C194 °F
95 °C203 °F
100 °C212 °F
105 °C221 °F
110 °C230 °F
115 °C239 °F
120 °C248 °F
125 °C257 °F
130 °C266 °F
135 °C275 °F
140 °C284 °F
145 °C293 °F
150 °C302 °F
155 °C311 °F
160 °C320 °F
165 °C329 °F
170 °C338 °F
175 °C347 °F
180 °C356 °F
185 °C365 °F
190 °C374 °F
195 °C383 °F
200 °C392 °F
205 °C401 °F
210 °C410 °F
215 °C419 °F
220 °C428 °F
225 °C437 °F
230 °C446 °F
235 °C455 °F
240 °C464 °F
245 °C473 °F
250 °C482 °F
255 °C491 °F
260 °C500 °F
265 °C509 °F
270 °C518 °F
275 °C527 °F
280 °C536 °F
285 °C545 °F
290 °C554 °F
295 °C563 °F

Celsius to Fahrenheit Common Values

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gordon 2017-07-27 22:35:16

i was taught a different way to calculate for example: F to C 32 + 40=72 72x5/9 so multiply 5x72=360 then divide by 9 = 40 . you the minus the 40 you added at the beginning of conversation =0 c. the only difference in formula if converting C to F is x by 9/5

Turkey 2016-08-31 13:31:15

Average temperature of Istanbul in September is 19.8 °C = 67.64 °F

Conversion Metric 2016-08-31 12:39:29

@Melissa E.

Thanks for warning. We removed the phrase as you suggested.

Melissa E. 2016-08-07 10:31:42

From above: "There are 33.8 fahrenheit in a celsius." This in english makes no sense. Do you mean to say that there is a ratio of 1.8°F to 1°C (1.8:1) or each 1° in celsius equals 1.8° fahrenheit?

From above: "1 °C = 33.8 °F" If this were interpreted as a ratio, 100°C would equal 3380°F! Talk about superheated steam! I suggest this either be clarified or removed.

As always, your results may vary.. :)

Virginia 2016-05-10 22:24:33

I wish to convert amounts in recipes. Thanks!

Don Wood 2015-05-20 16:56:14

It would help us older folks who wish to (have) use a body temperature thermometer to have a chart that shows the temperature convertions

Conversion Metric 2014-10-09 12:41:06

We just fixed the order of conversion table, please refresh the page.
We will also improve the conversion table for more systematic.
thank you.

Jon 2014-10-09 10:03:09

Oh NO ! I started at the Rankin page out of curiousity.... This is the same.... why not low -to- high or the like.... what is with this ordering ? It is absurd. Unfortunately, I work with an computer system designed by SAP (Gemany) and it has a similar, ridiculous numerical ranking system for tables.... umph !

Warm 2014-09-15 17:32:10

It is 68 °F and I feel warm here,
to your calculator 68 F is 20 celsius.

useful calculator, thanks.