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Please enter fortnights (fn) value of time unit to convert fortnights to days.

1 fn = 14 d
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Fortnights Conversions

How Many Days in a Fortnight?

There are 14 days in a fortnight.
1 Fortnight is equal to 14 Days.
1 fn = 14 d

Fortnights Definition

A fortnight is a unit of time commonly used in the US, the UK, and a few other countries traditionally utilizing the Imperial system of measurement. A fortnight is equal to 14 days, or 2 weeks. The origin of using this kind of unit takes source from astronomy since two weeks are the time period between a new moon and a full moon. In daily life, a fortnight is used often in those regions and areas where salaries and social security benefits are paid twice a month.

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Days Definition

A day is the time it takes for the Earth to do a full rotation around its own axis. The stated value of time is rounded up and standardized as 24 hours. Thus, the average length of a day is 86,400 seconds. As it is used in the framework of SI, a day is the unit of time, marked with the symbol d. This unit is used very widely in plenty of cases, starting from our daily life and ending up with scientific requirements.

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About fn to d Converter

This is a very easy to use fortnights to days converter. First of all just type the fortnights (fn) value in the text field of the conversion form to start converting fn to d, then select the decimals value and finally hit convert button if auto calculation didn't work. Days value will be converted automatically as you type.

The decimals value is the number of digits to be calculated or rounded of the result of fortnights to days conversion.

You can also check the fortnights to days conversion chart below, or go back to fortnights to days converter to top.

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Fortnights to Days Conversion Examples

1 fn = 14 Days

Example for 2 Fortnights: 
2 Fortnights = 2 (Fortnights) 
2 Fortnights = 2 x (14 Days) 
2 Fortnights = 28 Days 

Fortnights to Days Conversion Chart

1 fn14 d
2 fn28 d
3 fn42 d
4 fn56 d
5 fn70 d
6 fn84 d
7 fn98 d
8 fn112 d
9 fn126 d
10 fn140 d
11 fn154 d
12 fn168 d
13 fn182 d
14 fn196 d
15 fn210 d
16 fn224 d
17 fn238 d
18 fn252 d
19 fn266 d
20 fn280 d
21 fn294 d
22 fn308 d
23 fn322 d
24 fn336 d
25 fn350 d
26 fn364 d
27 fn378 d
28 fn392 d
29 fn406 d
30 fn420 d
31 fn434 d
32 fn448 d
33 fn462 d
34 fn476 d
35 fn490 d
36 fn504 d
37 fn518 d
38 fn532 d
39 fn546 d
40 fn560 d
41 fn574 d
42 fn588 d
43 fn602 d
44 fn616 d
45 fn630 d
46 fn644 d
47 fn658 d
48 fn672 d
49 fn686 d
50 fn700 d
50 fn700 d
55 fn770 d
60 fn840 d
65 fn910 d
70 fn980 d
75 fn1050 d
80 fn1120 d
85 fn1190 d
90 fn1260 d
95 fn1330 d
100 fn1400 d
105 fn1470 d
110 fn1540 d
115 fn1610 d
120 fn1680 d
125 fn1750 d
130 fn1820 d
135 fn1890 d
140 fn1960 d
145 fn2030 d
150 fn2100 d
155 fn2170 d
160 fn2240 d
165 fn2310 d
170 fn2380 d
175 fn2450 d
180 fn2520 d
185 fn2590 d
190 fn2660 d
195 fn2730 d
200 fn2800 d
205 fn2870 d
210 fn2940 d
215 fn3010 d
220 fn3080 d
225 fn3150 d
230 fn3220 d
235 fn3290 d
240 fn3360 d
245 fn3430 d
250 fn3500 d
255 fn3570 d
260 fn3640 d
265 fn3710 d
270 fn3780 d
275 fn3850 d
280 fn3920 d
285 fn3990 d
290 fn4060 d
295 fn4130 d

Fortnights to Days Common Values

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