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1 yr = 31556952 s
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Years Conversions

How Many Seconds in a Year?

There are 31556952 seconds in a year.
1 Year is equal to 31556952 Seconds.
1 yr = 31556952 s

Years Definition

As a time unit, a year is equal to the period of time required for the Earth to move around the Sun, or traditionally a year was defined as the period of time required for the Sun to complete its course throughout the zodiac. An average Gregorian year has 365.2425 days.

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Seconds Definition

A unit of time known as second is one of the base units of time measurement in SI. In ancient times a second was defined in terms to the duration of a solar day, and in modern times this unit is defined regarding the period of the Earth revolving around the Sun. It is possible to measure a second by using an atomic, an electric, and a mechanical approach. A second is equal to 1/60th of an hour, and this unit is commonly marked with the symbol s.

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About yr to s Converter

This is a very easy to use years to seconds converter. First of all just type the years (yr) value in the text field of the conversion form to start converting yr to s, then select the decimals value and finally hit convert button if auto calculation didn't work. Seconds value will be converted automatically as you type.

The decimals value is the number of digits to be calculated or rounded of the result of years to seconds conversion.

You can also check the years to seconds conversion chart below, or go back to years to seconds converter to top.

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Years to Seconds Conversion Examples

1 yr = 31556952 Seconds

Example for 2 Years: 
2 Years = 2 (Years) 
2 Years = 2 x (31556952 Seconds) 
2 Years = 63113904 Seconds 

Example for 34 Years: 
34 Years = 34 (Years) 
34 Years = 34 x (31556952 Seconds) 
34 Years = 1072936368 Seconds 

Example for 1500000000 Years: 
1500000000 Years = 1500000000 (Years) 
1500000000 Years = 1500000000 x (31556952 Seconds) 
1500000000 Years = 47335428000000000 Seconds 

Years to Seconds Conversion Chart

1 yr31556952 s
2 yr63113904 s
3 yr94670856 s
4 yr126227808 s
5 yr157784760 s
6 yr189341712 s
7 yr220898664 s
8 yr252455616 s
9 yr284012568 s
10 yr315569520 s
11 yr347126472 s
12 yr378683424 s
13 yr410240376 s
14 yr441797328 s
15 yr473354280 s
16 yr504911232 s
17 yr536468184 s
18 yr568025136 s
19 yr599582088 s
20 yr631139040 s
21 yr662695992 s
22 yr694252944 s
23 yr725809896 s
24 yr757366848 s
25 yr788923800 s
26 yr820480752 s
27 yr852037704 s
28 yr883594656 s
29 yr915151608 s
30 yr946708560 s
31 yr978265512 s
32 yr1009822464 s
33 yr1041379416 s
34 yr1072936368 s
35 yr1104493320 s
36 yr1136050272 s
37 yr1167607224 s
38 yr1199164176 s
39 yr1230721128 s
40 yr1262278080 s
41 yr1293835032 s
42 yr1325391984 s
43 yr1356948936 s
44 yr1388505888 s
45 yr1420062840 s
46 yr1451619792 s
47 yr1483176744 s
48 yr1514733696 s
49 yr1546290648 s
50 yr1577847600 s
50 yr1577847600 s
55 yr1735632360 s
60 yr1893417120 s
65 yr2051201880 s
70 yr2208986640 s
75 yr2366771400 s
80 yr2524556160 s
85 yr2682340920 s
90 yr2840125680 s
95 yr2997910440 s
100 yr3155695200 s
105 yr3313479960 s
110 yr3471264720 s
115 yr3629049480 s
120 yr3786834240 s
125 yr3944619000 s
130 yr4102403760 s
135 yr4260188520 s
140 yr4417973280 s
145 yr4575758040 s
150 yr4733542800 s
155 yr4891327560 s
160 yr5049112320 s
165 yr5206897080 s
170 yr5364681840 s
175 yr5522466600 s
180 yr5680251360 s
185 yr5838036120 s
190 yr5995820880 s
195 yr6153605640 s
200 yr6311390400 s
205 yr6469175160 s
210 yr6626959920 s
215 yr6784744680 s
220 yr6942529440 s
225 yr7100314200 s
230 yr7258098960 s
235 yr7415883720 s
240 yr7573668480 s
245 yr7731453240 s
250 yr7889238000 s
255 yr8047022760 s
260 yr8204807520 s
265 yr8362592280 s
270 yr8520377040 s
275 yr8678161800 s
280 yr8835946560 s
285 yr8993731320 s
290 yr9151516080 s
295 yr9309300840 s

Years to Seconds Common Values

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