Cubic Centimeter to Pint UK Conversion (cm³ to pint UK)

1 cm³ = 0.0017597539863927 pint UK
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cm³: Cubic Centimeter, pint UK: Pint UK

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How Many Pint UK in a Cubic Centimeter?

There are 0.0017597539863927 pint uk in a cubic centimeter.
1 Cubic Centimeter is equal to 0.0017597539863927 Pint UK.
1 cm³ = 0.0017597539863927 pint UK

Cubic Centimeter to Pint UK Conversions

132 cm³ = 0.232288 pint UK
1320 cm³ = 2.322875 pint UK
1980 cm³ = 3.484313 pint UK

Cubic Centimeter Definition

A cubic centimeter is a unit of volume accepted and widely used in the countries recognizing the SI standards. This unit is corresponding to the volume equal to the one of a cube with 1 cm each side. Therefore, one cubic centimeter is equal to 1/1 000 000th of a cubic meter. It is also roughly equal to 1 ml, or 1/1000th of cubic liter. The symbol of a cubic centimeter is cc, and this volume unit is very widely used in such fields as medicine, engineering, technology, etc.

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Pint UK Definition

The Imperial pint is a unit for volume measurement of liquid substances. This unit is widely used in the Commonwealth countries for measuring beverages, etc. One Imperial pint is about 568 mL, and it is a bit larger compared to the liquid pint used in the US. The symbol for the Imperial pint is pt.

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About cm³ to pint UK Converter

This is a very easy to use cubic centimeter to pint uk converter. First of all just type the cubic centimeter (cm³) value in the text field of the conversion form to start converting cm³ to pint UK, then select the decimals value and finally hit convert button if auto calculation didn't work. Pint UK value will be converted automatically as you type.

The decimals value is the number of digits to be calculated or rounded of the result of cubic centimeter to pint uk conversion.

You can also check the cubic centimeter to pint uk conversion chart below, or go back to cubic centimeter to pint uk converter to top.

Cubic Centimeter to Pint UK Conversion Chart
Cubic CentimeterPint UK
1 cm³0.0017597539863927 pint UK
2 cm³0.0035195079727854 pint UK
3 cm³0.0052792619591781 pint UK
4 cm³0.0070390159455708 pint UK
5 cm³0.0087987699319635 pint UK
6 cm³0.010558523918356 pint UK
7 cm³0.012318277904749 pint UK
8 cm³0.014078031891142 pint UK
9 cm³0.015837785877534 pint UK
10 cm³0.017597539863927 pint UK
11 cm³0.01935729385032 pint UK
12 cm³0.021117047836712 pint UK
13 cm³0.022876801823105 pint UK
14 cm³0.024636555809498 pint UK
15 cm³0.02639630979589 pint UK
16 cm³0.028156063782283 pint UK
17 cm³0.029915817768676 pint UK
18 cm³0.031675571755069 pint UK
19 cm³0.033435325741461 pint UK
20 cm³0.035195079727854 pint UK
21 cm³0.036954833714247 pint UK
22 cm³0.038714587700639 pint UK
23 cm³0.040474341687032 pint UK
24 cm³0.042234095673425 pint UK
25 cm³0.043993849659817 pint UK
26 cm³0.04575360364621 pint UK
27 cm³0.047513357632603 pint UK
28 cm³0.049273111618996 pint UK
29 cm³0.051032865605388 pint UK
30 cm³0.052792619591781 pint UK
31 cm³0.054552373578174 pint UK
32 cm³0.056312127564566 pint UK
33 cm³0.058071881550959 pint UK
34 cm³0.059831635537352 pint UK
35 cm³0.061591389523744 pint UK
36 cm³0.063351143510137 pint UK
37 cm³0.06511089749653 pint UK
38 cm³0.066870651482923 pint UK
39 cm³0.068630405469315 pint UK
40 cm³0.070390159455708 pint UK
41 cm³0.072149913442101 pint UK
42 cm³0.073909667428493 pint UK
43 cm³0.075669421414886 pint UK
44 cm³0.077429175401279 pint UK
45 cm³0.079188929387671 pint UK
46 cm³0.080948683374064 pint UK
47 cm³0.082708437360457 pint UK
48 cm³0.08446819134685 pint UK
49 cm³0.086227945333242 pint UK
50 cm³0.087987699319635 pint UK
Cubic CentimeterPint UK
50 cm³0.087987699319635 pint UK
55 cm³0.096786469251598 pint UK
60 cm³0.10558523918356 pint UK
65 cm³0.11438400911553 pint UK
70 cm³0.12318277904749 pint UK
75 cm³0.13198154897945 pint UK
80 cm³0.14078031891142 pint UK
85 cm³0.14957908884338 pint UK
90 cm³0.15837785877534 pint UK
95 cm³0.16717662870731 pint UK
100 cm³0.17597539863927 pint UK
105 cm³0.18477416857123 pint UK
110 cm³0.1935729385032 pint UK
115 cm³0.20237170843516 pint UK
120 cm³0.21117047836712 pint UK
125 cm³0.21996924829909 pint UK
130 cm³0.22876801823105 pint UK
135 cm³0.23756678816301 pint UK
140 cm³0.24636555809498 pint UK
145 cm³0.25516432802694 pint UK
150 cm³0.2639630979589 pint UK
155 cm³0.27276186789087 pint UK
160 cm³0.28156063782283 pint UK
165 cm³0.2903594077548 pint UK
170 cm³0.29915817768676 pint UK
175 cm³0.30795694761872 pint UK
180 cm³0.31675571755069 pint UK
185 cm³0.32555448748265 pint UK
190 cm³0.33435325741461 pint UK
195 cm³0.34315202734658 pint UK
200 cm³0.35195079727854 pint UK
205 cm³0.3607495672105 pint UK
210 cm³0.36954833714247 pint UK
215 cm³0.37834710707443 pint UK
220 cm³0.38714587700639 pint UK
225 cm³0.39594464693836 pint UK
230 cm³0.40474341687032 pint UK
235 cm³0.41354218680228 pint UK
240 cm³0.42234095673425 pint UK
245 cm³0.43113972666621 pint UK
250 cm³0.43993849659817 pint UK
255 cm³0.44873726653014 pint UK
260 cm³0.4575360364621 pint UK
265 cm³0.46633480639407 pint UK
270 cm³0.47513357632603 pint UK
275 cm³0.48393234625799 pint UK
280 cm³0.49273111618996 pint UK
285 cm³0.50152988612192 pint UK
290 cm³0.51032865605388 pint UK
295 cm³0.51912742598585 pint UK

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