Cubic Feet to Cubic Centimeter Conversion (ft³ to cm³)

Please enter cubic feet (ft³) value of volume unit to convert cubic feet to cubic centimeter.

How Many Cubic Centimeter in a Cubic Foot?

There are 28316.846591991 cubic centimeter in a cubic foot.
1 Cubic Foot is equal to 28316.846591991 Cubic Centimeter.
1 ft³ = 28316.846591991 cm³

Cubic Feet Definition

A cubic foot (pl cubic feet) is a unit of measuring volume used by those countries who recognize the Imperial system and the US customary system (the US, the UK, a series of countries in African and the Pacific regions, etc.) A cubic foot is equal to the volume of a cube with each side of 0.3048 meter, or 1 foot. Thus, the volume represented by this unit is equal to approximately 1/35th of a cubic meter, or 28.3168 liters.

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Cubic Centimeter Definition

A cubic centimeter is a unit of volume accepted and widely used in the countries recognizing the SI standards. This unit is corresponding to the volume equal to the one of a cube with 1 cm each side. Therefore, one cubic centimeter is equal to 1/1 000 000th of a cubic meter. It is also roughly equal to 1 ml, or 1/1000th of cubic liter. The symbol of a cubic centimeter is cc, and this volume unit is very widely used in such fields as medicine, engineering, technology, etc.

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About ft³ to cm³ Converter

This is a very easy to use cubic feet to cubic centimeter converter. First of all just type the cubic feet (ft³) value in the text field of the conversion form to start converting ft³ to cm³, then select the decimals value and finally hit convert button if auto calculation didn't work. Cubic Centimeter value will be converted automatically as you type.

The decimals value is the number of digits to be calculated or rounded of the result of cubic feet to cubic centimeter conversion.

You can also check the cubic feet to cubic centimeter conversion chart below, or go back to cubic feet to cubic centimeter converter to top.

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Cubic Feet to Cubic Centimeter Conversion Examples

1 ft³ = 28316.846591991 Cubic Centimeter

Example for 4.2 Cubic Feet: 
4.2 Cubic Feet = 4.2 (Cubic Feet) 
4.2 Cubic Feet = 4.2 x (28316.846591991 Cubic Centimeter) 
4.2 Cubic Feet = 118930.75568636 Cubic Centimeter 

Example for 10 Cubic Feet: 
10 Cubic Feet = 10 (Cubic Feet) 
10 Cubic Feet = 10 x (28316.846591991 Cubic Centimeter) 
10 Cubic Feet = 283168.46591991 Cubic Centimeter 

Example for 40 Cubic Feet: 
40 Cubic Feet = 40 (Cubic Feet) 
40 Cubic Feet = 40 x (28316.846591991 Cubic Centimeter) 
40 Cubic Feet = 1132673.8636796 Cubic Centimeter 

Cubic Feet to Cubic Centimeter Conversion Chart

Cubic FeetCubic Centimeter
1 ft³28316.846591991 cm³
2 ft³56633.693183982 cm³
3 ft³84950.539775973 cm³
4 ft³113267.38636796 cm³
5 ft³141584.23295995 cm³
6 ft³169901.07955195 cm³
7 ft³198217.92614394 cm³
8 ft³226534.77273593 cm³
9 ft³254851.61932792 cm³
10 ft³283168.46591991 cm³
11 ft³311485.3125119 cm³
12 ft³339802.15910389 cm³
13 ft³368119.00569588 cm³
14 ft³396435.85228787 cm³
15 ft³424752.69887986 cm³
16 ft³453069.54547185 cm³
17 ft³481386.39206384 cm³
18 ft³509703.23865584 cm³
19 ft³538020.08524783 cm³
20 ft³566336.93183982 cm³
21 ft³594653.77843181 cm³
22 ft³622970.6250238 cm³
23 ft³651287.47161579 cm³
24 ft³679604.31820778 cm³
25 ft³707921.16479977 cm³
26 ft³736238.01139176 cm³
27 ft³764554.85798375 cm³
28 ft³792871.70457574 cm³
29 ft³821188.55116773 cm³
30 ft³849505.39775973 cm³
31 ft³877822.24435172 cm³
32 ft³906139.09094371 cm³
33 ft³934455.9375357 cm³
34 ft³962772.78412769 cm³
35 ft³991089.63071968 cm³
36 ft³1019406.4773117 cm³
37 ft³1047723.3239037 cm³
38 ft³1076040.1704957 cm³
39 ft³1104357.0170876 cm³
40 ft³1132673.8636796 cm³
41 ft³1160990.7102716 cm³
42 ft³1189307.5568636 cm³
43 ft³1217624.4034556 cm³
44 ft³1245941.2500476 cm³
45 ft³1274258.0966396 cm³
46 ft³1302574.9432316 cm³
47 ft³1330891.7898236 cm³
48 ft³1359208.6364156 cm³
49 ft³1387525.4830076 cm³
50 ft³1415842.3295995 cm³
Cubic FeetCubic Centimeter
50 ft³1415842.3295995 cm³
55 ft³1557426.5625595 cm³
60 ft³1699010.7955195 cm³
65 ft³1840595.0284794 cm³
70 ft³1982179.2614394 cm³
75 ft³2123763.4943993 cm³
80 ft³2265347.7273593 cm³
85 ft³2406931.9603192 cm³
90 ft³2548516.1932792 cm³
95 ft³2690100.4262391 cm³
100 ft³2831684.6591991 cm³
105 ft³2973268.892159 cm³
110 ft³3114853.125119 cm³
115 ft³3256437.3580789 cm³
120 ft³3398021.5910389 cm³
125 ft³3539605.8239989 cm³
130 ft³3681190.0569588 cm³
135 ft³3822774.2899188 cm³
140 ft³3964358.5228787 cm³
145 ft³4105942.7558387 cm³
150 ft³4247526.9887986 cm³
155 ft³4389111.2217586 cm³
160 ft³4530695.4547185 cm³
165 ft³4672279.6876785 cm³
170 ft³4813863.9206384 cm³
175 ft³4955448.1535984 cm³
180 ft³5097032.3865584 cm³
185 ft³5238616.6195183 cm³
190 ft³5380200.8524783 cm³
195 ft³5521785.0854382 cm³
200 ft³5663369.3183982 cm³
205 ft³5804953.5513581 cm³
210 ft³5946537.7843181 cm³
215 ft³6088122.017278 cm³
220 ft³6229706.250238 cm³
225 ft³6371290.4831979 cm³
230 ft³6512874.7161579 cm³
235 ft³6654458.9491179 cm³
240 ft³6796043.1820778 cm³
245 ft³6937627.4150378 cm³
250 ft³7079211.6479977 cm³
255 ft³7220795.8809577 cm³
260 ft³7362380.1139176 cm³
265 ft³7503964.3468776 cm³
270 ft³7645548.5798375 cm³
275 ft³7787132.8127975 cm³
280 ft³7928717.0457574 cm³
285 ft³8070301.2787174 cm³
290 ft³8211885.5116773 cm³
295 ft³8353469.7446373 cm³

Cubic Feet to Cubic Centimeter Common Values

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