Cubic Feet to Ounces Conversion (ft³ to fl oz)

Please enter cubic feet (ft³) value of volume unit to convert cubic feet to ounces.

How Many Ounces in a Cubic Foot?

There are 957.506493454 ounces in a cubic foot.
1 Cubic Foot is equal to 957.506493454 Ounces.
1 ft³ = 957.506493454 fl oz

Cubic Feet Definition

A cubic foot (pl cubic feet) is a unit of measuring volume used by those countries who recognize the Imperial system and the US customary system (the US, the UK, a series of countries in African and the Pacific regions, etc.) A cubic foot is equal to the volume of a cube with each side of 0.3048 meter, or 1 foot. Thus, the volume represented by this unit is equal to approximately 1/35th of a cubic meter, or 28.3168 liters.

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Ounces Definition

Known as the US fluid ounce, the unit of volume for liquid substances is used as ounce in the US and other countries practicing the US Customary system. It is equals to approximately 1/8 of US cup, 1/16 of US pint, approximately 1.040842731 Imperial Fluid Ounces, 2 tablespoons or 6 teaspoons. The name ounce is derived from an old Latin word Onza, and the symbol adopted for this unit is fl oz.

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About ft³ to fl oz Converter

This is a very easy to use cubic feet to ounces converter. First of all just type the cubic feet (ft³) value in the text field of the conversion form to start converting ft³ to fl oz, then select the decimals value and finally hit convert button if auto calculation didn't work. Ounces value will be converted automatically as you type.

The decimals value is the number of digits to be calculated or rounded of the result of cubic feet to ounces conversion.

You can also check the cubic feet to ounces conversion chart below, or go back to cubic feet to ounces converter to top.

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Cubic Feet to Ounces Conversion Examples

1 ft³ = 957.506493454 Ounces

Example for 3.4 Cubic Feet: 
3.4 Cubic Feet = 3.4 (Cubic Feet) 
3.4 Cubic Feet = 3.4 x (957.506493454 Ounces) 
3.4 Cubic Feet = 3255.5220777436 Ounces 

Example for 3 Cubic Feet: 
3 Cubic Feet = 3 (Cubic Feet) 
3 Cubic Feet = 3 x (957.506493454 Ounces) 
3 Cubic Feet = 2872.519480362 Ounces 

Cubic Feet to Ounces Conversion Chart

Cubic FeetOunces
1 ft³957.506493454 fl oz
2 ft³1915.012986908 fl oz
3 ft³2872.519480362 fl oz
4 ft³3830.025973816 fl oz
5 ft³4787.53246727 fl oz
6 ft³5745.038960724 fl oz
7 ft³6702.545454178 fl oz
8 ft³7660.051947632 fl oz
9 ft³8617.558441086 fl oz
10 ft³9575.06493454 fl oz
11 ft³10532.571427994 fl oz
12 ft³11490.077921448 fl oz
13 ft³12447.584414902 fl oz
14 ft³13405.090908356 fl oz
15 ft³14362.59740181 fl oz
16 ft³15320.103895264 fl oz
17 ft³16277.610388718 fl oz
18 ft³17235.116882172 fl oz
19 ft³18192.623375626 fl oz
20 ft³19150.12986908 fl oz
21 ft³20107.636362534 fl oz
22 ft³21065.142855988 fl oz
23 ft³22022.649349442 fl oz
24 ft³22980.155842896 fl oz
25 ft³23937.66233635 fl oz
26 ft³24895.168829804 fl oz
27 ft³25852.675323258 fl oz
28 ft³26810.181816712 fl oz
29 ft³27767.688310166 fl oz
30 ft³28725.19480362 fl oz
31 ft³29682.701297074 fl oz
32 ft³30640.207790528 fl oz
33 ft³31597.714283982 fl oz
34 ft³32555.220777436 fl oz
35 ft³33512.72727089 fl oz
36 ft³34470.233764344 fl oz
37 ft³35427.740257798 fl oz
38 ft³36385.246751252 fl oz
39 ft³37342.753244706 fl oz
40 ft³38300.25973816 fl oz
41 ft³39257.766231614 fl oz
42 ft³40215.272725068 fl oz
43 ft³41172.779218522 fl oz
44 ft³42130.285711976 fl oz
45 ft³43087.79220543 fl oz
46 ft³44045.298698884 fl oz
47 ft³45002.805192338 fl oz
48 ft³45960.311685792 fl oz
49 ft³46917.818179246 fl oz
50 ft³47875.3246727 fl oz
Cubic FeetOunces
50 ft³47875.3246727 fl oz
55 ft³52662.85713997 fl oz
60 ft³57450.38960724 fl oz
65 ft³62237.92207451 fl oz
70 ft³67025.45454178 fl oz
75 ft³71812.98700905 fl oz
80 ft³76600.51947632 fl oz
85 ft³81388.05194359 fl oz
90 ft³86175.58441086 fl oz
95 ft³90963.11687813 fl oz
100 ft³95750.6493454 fl oz
105 ft³100538.18181267 fl oz
110 ft³105325.71427994 fl oz
115 ft³110113.24674721 fl oz
120 ft³114900.77921448 fl oz
125 ft³119688.31168175 fl oz
130 ft³124475.84414902 fl oz
135 ft³129263.37661629 fl oz
140 ft³134050.90908356 fl oz
145 ft³138838.44155083 fl oz
150 ft³143625.9740181 fl oz
155 ft³148413.50648537 fl oz
160 ft³153201.03895264 fl oz
165 ft³157988.57141991 fl oz
170 ft³162776.10388718 fl oz
175 ft³167563.63635445 fl oz
180 ft³172351.16882172 fl oz
185 ft³177138.70128899 fl oz
190 ft³181926.23375626 fl oz
195 ft³186713.76622353 fl oz
200 ft³191501.2986908 fl oz
205 ft³196288.83115807 fl oz
210 ft³201076.36362534 fl oz
215 ft³205863.89609261 fl oz
220 ft³210651.42855988 fl oz
225 ft³215438.96102715 fl oz
230 ft³220226.49349442 fl oz
235 ft³225014.02596169 fl oz
240 ft³229801.55842896 fl oz
245 ft³234589.09089623 fl oz
250 ft³239376.6233635 fl oz
255 ft³244164.15583077 fl oz
260 ft³248951.68829804 fl oz
265 ft³253739.22076531 fl oz
270 ft³258526.75323258 fl oz
275 ft³263314.28569985 fl oz
280 ft³268101.81816712 fl oz
285 ft³272889.35063439 fl oz
290 ft³277676.88310166 fl oz
295 ft³282464.41556893 fl oz

Cubic Feet to Ounces Common Values

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