Cup to Cubic Centimeter Conversion (cup to cm³)

Please enter cup (cup) value of volume unit to convert cup to cubic centimeter.

How Many Cubic Centimeter in a Cup?

There are 236.58823648491 cubic centimeter in a cup.
1 Cup is equal to 236.58823648491 Cubic Centimeter.
1 cup = 236.58823648491 cm³

Cup Definition

A cup is a very commonly used unit of volume measurement, especially for measuring small volumes at the kitchen or in the garden. 1 cup is the unit approved by the Imperial system and the US customary system, and it is equal to 250 milliliters. There are actually a few types of cups sued around the world, including the US legal cup, Imperial cup, Japanese cup, etc., and they all are different in terms of the value.

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Cubic Centimeter Definition

A cubic centimeter is a unit of volume accepted and widely used in the countries recognizing the SI standards. This unit is corresponding to the volume equal to the one of a cube with 1 cm each side. Therefore, one cubic centimeter is equal to 1/1 000 000th of a cubic meter. It is also roughly equal to 1 ml, or 1/1000th of cubic liter. The symbol of a cubic centimeter is cc, and this volume unit is very widely used in such fields as medicine, engineering, technology, etc.

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About cup to cm³ Converter

This is a very easy to use cup to cubic centimeter converter. First of all just type the cup (cup) value in the text field of the conversion form to start converting cup to cm³, then select the decimals value and finally hit convert button if auto calculation didn't work. Cubic Centimeter value will be converted automatically as you type.

The decimals value is the number of digits to be calculated or rounded of the result of cup to cubic centimeter conversion.

You can also check the cup to cubic centimeter conversion chart below, or go back to cup to cubic centimeter converter to top.

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Cup to Cubic Centimeter Conversion Examples

1 cup = 236.58823648491 Cubic Centimeter

Example for 1234 Cup: 
1234 Cup = 1234 (Cup) 
1234 Cup = 1234 x (236.58823648491 Cubic Centimeter) 
1234 Cup = 291949.88382238 Cubic Centimeter 

Example for 0.5 Cup: 
0.5 Cup = 0.5 (Cup) 
0.5 Cup = 0.5 x (236.58823648491 Cubic Centimeter) 
0.5 Cup = 118.29411824245 Cubic Centimeter 

Cup to Cubic Centimeter Conversion Chart

CupCubic Centimeter
1 cup236.58823648491 cm³
2 cup473.17647296982 cm³
3 cup709.76470945472 cm³
4 cup946.35294593963 cm³
5 cup1182.9411824245 cm³
6 cup1419.5294189094 cm³
7 cup1656.1176553944 cm³
8 cup1892.7058918793 cm³
9 cup2129.2941283642 cm³
10 cup2365.8823648491 cm³
11 cup2602.470601334 cm³
12 cup2839.0588378189 cm³
13 cup3075.6470743038 cm³
14 cup3312.2353107887 cm³
15 cup3548.8235472736 cm³
16 cup3785.4117837585 cm³
17 cup4022.0000202434 cm³
18 cup4258.5882567283 cm³
19 cup4495.1764932133 cm³
20 cup4731.7647296982 cm³
21 cup4968.3529661831 cm³
22 cup5204.941202668 cm³
23 cup5441.5294391529 cm³
24 cup5678.1176756378 cm³
25 cup5914.7059121227 cm³
26 cup6151.2941486076 cm³
27 cup6387.8823850925 cm³
28 cup6624.4706215774 cm³
29 cup6861.0588580623 cm³
30 cup7097.6470945472 cm³
31 cup7334.2353310321 cm³
32 cup7570.8235675171 cm³
33 cup7807.411804002 cm³
34 cup8044.0000404869 cm³
35 cup8280.5882769718 cm³
36 cup8517.1765134567 cm³
37 cup8753.7647499416 cm³
38 cup8990.3529864265 cm³
39 cup9226.9412229114 cm³
40 cup9463.5294593963 cm³
41 cup9700.1176958812 cm³
42 cup9936.7059323661 cm³
43 cup10173.294168851 cm³
44 cup10409.882405336 cm³
45 cup10646.470641821 cm³
46 cup10883.058878306 cm³
47 cup11119.647114791 cm³
48 cup11356.235351276 cm³
49 cup11592.82358776 cm³
50 cup11829.411824245 cm³
CupCubic Centimeter
50 cup11829.411824245 cm³
55 cup13012.35300667 cm³
60 cup14195.294189094 cm³
65 cup15378.235371519 cm³
70 cup16561.176553944 cm³
75 cup17744.117736368 cm³
80 cup18927.058918793 cm³
85 cup20110.000101217 cm³
90 cup21292.941283642 cm³
95 cup22475.882466066 cm³
100 cup23658.823648491 cm³
105 cup24841.764830915 cm³
110 cup26024.70601334 cm³
115 cup27207.647195764 cm³
120 cup28390.588378189 cm³
125 cup29573.529560613 cm³
130 cup30756.470743038 cm³
135 cup31939.411925463 cm³
140 cup33122.353107887 cm³
145 cup34305.294290312 cm³
150 cup35488.235472736 cm³
155 cup36671.176655161 cm³
160 cup37854.117837585 cm³
165 cup39037.05902001 cm³
170 cup40220.000202434 cm³
175 cup41402.941384859 cm³
180 cup42585.882567283 cm³
185 cup43768.823749708 cm³
190 cup44951.764932133 cm³
195 cup46134.706114557 cm³
200 cup47317.647296982 cm³
205 cup48500.588479406 cm³
210 cup49683.529661831 cm³
215 cup50866.470844255 cm³
220 cup52049.41202668 cm³
225 cup53232.353209104 cm³
230 cup54415.294391529 cm³
235 cup55598.235573953 cm³
240 cup56781.176756378 cm³
245 cup57964.117938802 cm³
250 cup59147.059121227 cm³
255 cup60330.000303652 cm³
260 cup61512.941486076 cm³
265 cup62695.882668501 cm³
270 cup63878.823850925 cm³
275 cup65061.76503335 cm³
280 cup66244.706215774 cm³
285 cup67427.647398199 cm³
290 cup68610.588580623 cm³
295 cup69793.529763048 cm³

Cup to Cubic Centimeter Common Values

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