Cup to Ounces UK Conversion (cup to fl oz)

Please enter cup (cup) value of volume unit to convert cup to ounces uk.

How Many Ounces UK in a Cup?

There are 8.3267381815146 ounces uk in a cup.
1 Cup is equal to 8.3267381815146 Ounces UK.
1 cup = 8.3267381815146 fl oz

Cup Definition

A cup is a very commonly used unit of volume measurement, especially for measuring small volumes at the kitchen or in the garden. 1 cup is the unit approved by the Imperial system and the US customary system, and it is equal to 250 milliliters. There are actually a few types of cups sued around the world, including the US legal cup, Imperial cup, Japanese cup, etc., and they all are different in terms of the value.

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Ounces UK Definition

In contrast to the traditional standards of the US, in the UK and other countries of the Commonwealth of Nations the ounce used as a unit of volume for liquid substances, is the one known as International troy ounce. It is equivalent to 30 milliliters, or roughly 0.960759940 American Fluid Ounces.

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About cup to fl oz Converter

This is a very easy to use cup to ounces uk converter. First of all just type the cup (cup) value in the text field of the conversion form to start converting cup to fl oz, then select the decimals value and finally hit convert button if auto calculation didn't work. Ounces UK value will be converted automatically as you type.

The decimals value is the number of digits to be calculated or rounded of the result of cup to ounces uk conversion.

You can also check the cup to ounces uk conversion chart below, or go back to cup to ounces uk converter to top.

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Cup to Ounces UK Conversion Examples

1 cup = 8.3267381815146 Ounces UK

Example for 0.5 Cup: 
0.5 Cup = 0.5 (Cup) 
0.5 Cup = 0.5 x (8.3267381815146 Ounces UK) 
0.5 Cup = 4.1633690907573 Ounces UK 

Example for 2 Cup: 
2 Cup = 2 (Cup) 
2 Cup = 2 x (8.3267381815146 Ounces UK) 
2 Cup = 16.653476363029 Ounces UK 

Example for 66 Cup: 
66 Cup = 66 (Cup) 
66 Cup = 66 x (8.3267381815146 Ounces UK) 
66 Cup = 549.56471997997 Ounces UK 

Cup to Ounces UK Conversion Chart

CupOunces UK
1 cup8.3267381815146 fl oz
2 cup16.653476363029 fl oz
3 cup24.980214544544 fl oz
4 cup33.306952726059 fl oz
5 cup41.633690907573 fl oz
6 cup49.960429089088 fl oz
7 cup58.287167270603 fl oz
8 cup66.613905452117 fl oz
9 cup74.940643633632 fl oz
10 cup83.267381815146 fl oz
11 cup91.594119996661 fl oz
12 cup99.920858178176 fl oz
13 cup108.24759635969 fl oz
14 cup116.57433454121 fl oz
15 cup124.90107272272 fl oz
16 cup133.22781090423 fl oz
17 cup141.55454908575 fl oz
18 cup149.88128726726 fl oz
19 cup158.20802544878 fl oz
20 cup166.53476363029 fl oz
21 cup174.86150181181 fl oz
22 cup183.18823999332 fl oz
23 cup191.51497817484 fl oz
24 cup199.84171635635 fl oz
25 cup208.16845453787 fl oz
26 cup216.49519271938 fl oz
27 cup224.8219309009 fl oz
28 cup233.14866908241 fl oz
29 cup241.47540726392 fl oz
30 cup249.80214544544 fl oz
31 cup258.12888362695 fl oz
32 cup266.45562180847 fl oz
33 cup274.78235998998 fl oz
34 cup283.1090981715 fl oz
35 cup291.43583635301 fl oz
36 cup299.76257453453 fl oz
37 cup308.08931271604 fl oz
38 cup316.41605089756 fl oz
39 cup324.74278907907 fl oz
40 cup333.06952726059 fl oz
41 cup341.3962654421 fl oz
42 cup349.72300362362 fl oz
43 cup358.04974180513 fl oz
44 cup366.37647998664 fl oz
45 cup374.70321816816 fl oz
46 cup383.02995634967 fl oz
47 cup391.35669453119 fl oz
48 cup399.6834327127 fl oz
49 cup408.01017089422 fl oz
50 cup416.33690907573 fl oz
CupOunces UK
50 cup416.33690907573 fl oz
55 cup457.97059998331 fl oz
60 cup499.60429089088 fl oz
65 cup541.23798179845 fl oz
70 cup582.87167270603 fl oz
75 cup624.5053636136 fl oz
80 cup666.13905452117 fl oz
85 cup707.77274542874 fl oz
90 cup749.40643633632 fl oz
95 cup791.04012724389 fl oz
100 cup832.67381815146 fl oz
105 cup874.30750905904 fl oz
110 cup915.94119996661 fl oz
115 cup957.57489087418 fl oz
120 cup999.20858178176 fl oz
125 cup1040.8422726893 fl oz
130 cup1082.4759635969 fl oz
135 cup1124.1096545045 fl oz
140 cup1165.7433454121 fl oz
145 cup1207.3770363196 fl oz
150 cup1249.0107272272 fl oz
155 cup1290.6444181348 fl oz
160 cup1332.2781090423 fl oz
165 cup1373.9117999499 fl oz
170 cup1415.5454908575 fl oz
175 cup1457.1791817651 fl oz
180 cup1498.8128726726 fl oz
185 cup1540.4465635802 fl oz
190 cup1582.0802544878 fl oz
195 cup1623.7139453954 fl oz
200 cup1665.3476363029 fl oz
205 cup1706.9813272105 fl oz
210 cup1748.6150181181 fl oz
215 cup1790.2487090256 fl oz
220 cup1831.8823999332 fl oz
225 cup1873.5160908408 fl oz
230 cup1915.1497817484 fl oz
235 cup1956.7834726559 fl oz
240 cup1998.4171635635 fl oz
245 cup2040.0508544711 fl oz
250 cup2081.6845453787 fl oz
255 cup2123.3182362862 fl oz
260 cup2164.9519271938 fl oz
265 cup2206.5856181014 fl oz
270 cup2248.219309009 fl oz
275 cup2289.8529999165 fl oz
280 cup2331.4866908241 fl oz
285 cup2373.1203817317 fl oz
290 cup2414.7540726392 fl oz
295 cup2456.3877635468 fl oz

Cup to Ounces UK Common Values

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