Dram to Cubic Yard Conversion (dram to yd³)

1 dram = 4.8351222431663E-6 yd³
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How Many Cubic Yard in a Dram?

There are 4.8351222431663E-6 cubic yard in a dram.
1 Dram is equal to 4.8351222431663E-6 Cubic Yard.
1 dram = 4.8351222431663E-6 yd³

Dram Definition

A dram is a very old unit of mass used since the times of Ancient Greece. As the name suggests, it originated from the name of the Greek coin, a drachma, and is linked to the weight of this coin in the early epochs. There was also the Roman dram, which was a little lighter (roughly 3.41 grams) from the Greek dram (about 4.37 grams)

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Cubic Yard Definition

This unit of volume measurement is used in those countries which adopted the Imperial system, like the UK, the US, India, Canada, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and others. This unit defines the volume equal to the one of a cube with one yard at each side. The symbols adopted for this unit is yd3 or cu yd. One cubic yard is equal to 27 cubic feet, roughly 764.5549 liters, and 46656 cubic inches.

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About dram to yd³ Converter

This is a very easy to use dram to cubic yard converter. First of all just type the dram (dram) value in the text field of the conversion form to start converting dram to yd³, then select the decimals value and finally hit convert button if auto calculation didn't work. Cubic Yard value will be converted automatically as you type.

The decimals value is the number of digits to be calculated or rounded of the result of dram to cubic yard conversion.

You can also check the dram to cubic yard conversion chart below, or go back to dram to cubic yard converter to top.

Dram to Cubic Yard Conversion Chart
DramCubic Yard
1 dram4.8351222431663E-6 yd³
2 dram9.6702444863327E-6 yd³
3 dram1.4505366729499E-5 yd³
4 dram1.9340488972665E-5 yd³
5 dram2.4175611215832E-5 yd³
6 dram2.9010733458998E-5 yd³
7 dram3.3845855702164E-5 yd³
8 dram3.8680977945331E-5 yd³
9 dram4.3516100188497E-5 yd³
10 dram4.8351222431663E-5 yd³
11 dram5.318634467483E-5 yd³
12 dram5.8021466917996E-5 yd³
13 dram6.2856589161162E-5 yd³
14 dram6.7691711404329E-5 yd³
15 dram7.2526833647495E-5 yd³
16 dram7.7361955890661E-5 yd³
17 dram8.2197078133828E-5 yd³
18 dram8.7032200376994E-5 yd³
19 dram9.1867322620161E-5 yd³
20 dram9.6702444863327E-5 yd³
21 dram0.00010153756710649 yd³
22 dram0.00010637268934966 yd³
23 dram0.00011120781159283 yd³
24 dram0.00011604293383599 yd³
25 dram0.00012087805607916 yd³
26 dram0.00012571317832232 yd³
27 dram0.00013054830056549 yd³
28 dram0.00013538342280866 yd³
29 dram0.00014021854505182 yd³
30 dram0.00014505366729499 yd³
31 dram0.00014988878953816 yd³
32 dram0.00015472391178132 yd³
33 dram0.00015955903402449 yd³
34 dram0.00016439415626766 yd³
35 dram0.00016922927851082 yd³
36 dram0.00017406440075399 yd³
37 dram0.00017889952299715 yd³
38 dram0.00018373464524032 yd³
39 dram0.00018856976748349 yd³
40 dram0.00019340488972665 yd³
41 dram0.00019824001196982 yd³
42 dram0.00020307513421299 yd³
43 dram0.00020791025645615 yd³
44 dram0.00021274537869932 yd³
45 dram0.00021758050094249 yd³
46 dram0.00022241562318565 yd³
47 dram0.00022725074542882 yd³
48 dram0.00023208586767198 yd³
49 dram0.00023692098991515 yd³
50 dram0.00024175611215832 yd³
DramCubic Yard
50 dram0.00024175611215832 yd³
55 dram0.00026593172337415 yd³
60 dram0.00029010733458998 yd³
65 dram0.00031428294580581 yd³
70 dram0.00033845855702164 yd³
75 dram0.00036263416823748 yd³
80 dram0.00038680977945331 yd³
85 dram0.00041098539066914 yd³
90 dram0.00043516100188497 yd³
95 dram0.0004593366131008 yd³
100 dram0.00048351222431663 yd³
105 dram0.00050768783553247 yd³
110 dram0.0005318634467483 yd³
115 dram0.00055603905796413 yd³
120 dram0.00058021466917996 yd³
125 dram0.00060439028039579 yd³
130 dram0.00062856589161162 yd³
135 dram0.00065274150282746 yd³
140 dram0.00067691711404329 yd³
145 dram0.00070109272525912 yd³
150 dram0.00072526833647495 yd³
155 dram0.00074944394769078 yd³
160 dram0.00077361955890661 yd³
165 dram0.00079779517012245 yd³
170 dram0.00082197078133828 yd³
175 dram0.00084614639255411 yd³
180 dram0.00087032200376994 yd³
185 dram0.00089449761498577 yd³
190 dram0.00091867322620161 yd³
195 dram0.00094284883741744 yd³
200 dram0.00096702444863327 yd³
205 dram0.0009912000598491 yd³
210 dram0.0010153756710649 yd³
215 dram0.0010395512822808 yd³
220 dram0.0010637268934966 yd³
225 dram0.0010879025047124 yd³
230 dram0.0011120781159283 yd³
235 dram0.0011362537271441 yd³
240 dram0.0011604293383599 yd³
245 dram0.0011846049495758 yd³
250 dram0.0012087805607916 yd³
255 dram0.0012329561720074 yd³
260 dram0.0012571317832232 yd³
265 dram0.0012813073944391 yd³
270 dram0.0013054830056549 yd³
275 dram0.0013296586168707 yd³
280 dram0.0013538342280866 yd³
285 dram0.0013780098393024 yd³
290 dram0.0014021854505182 yd³
295 dram0.0014263610617341 yd³

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