Dram to Ounces UK Conversion (dram to fl oz)

1 dram = 0.13010616413605 fl oz
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How Many Ounces UK in a Dram?

There are 0.13010616413605 ounces uk in a dram.
1 Dram is equal to 0.13010616413605 Ounces UK.
1 dram = 0.13010616413605 fl oz

Dram to Ounces UK Conversions

12 dram = 1.561274 fl oz

Dram Definition

A dram is a very old unit of mass used since the times of Ancient Greece. As the name suggests, it originated from the name of the Greek coin, a drachma, and is linked to the weight of this coin in the early epochs. There was also the Roman dram, which was a little lighter (roughly 3.41 grams) from the Greek dram (about 4.37 grams)

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Ounces UK Definition

In contrast to the traditional standards of the US, in the UK and other countries of the Commonwealth of Nations the ounce used as a unit of volume for liquid substances, is the one known as International troy ounce. It is equivalent to 30 milliliters, or roughly 0.960759940 American Fluid Ounces.

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About dram to fl oz Converter

This is a very easy to use dram to ounces uk converter. First of all just type the dram (dram) value in the text field of the conversion form to start converting dram to fl oz, then select the decimals value and finally hit convert button if auto calculation didn't work. Ounces UK value will be converted automatically as you type.

The decimals value is the number of digits to be calculated or rounded of the result of dram to ounces uk conversion.

You can also check the dram to ounces uk conversion chart below, or go back to dram to ounces uk converter to top.

Dram to Ounces UK Conversion Chart
DramOunces UK
1 dram0.13010616413605 fl oz
2 dram0.2602123282721 fl oz
3 dram0.39031849240815 fl oz
4 dram0.52042465654419 fl oz
5 dram0.65053082068024 fl oz
6 dram0.78063698481629 fl oz
7 dram0.91074314895234 fl oz
8 dram1.0408493130884 fl oz
9 dram1.1709554772244 fl oz
10 dram1.3010616413605 fl oz
11 dram1.4311678054965 fl oz
12 dram1.5612739696326 fl oz
13 dram1.6913801337686 fl oz
14 dram1.8214862979047 fl oz
15 dram1.9515924620407 fl oz
16 dram2.0816986261768 fl oz
17 dram2.2118047903128 fl oz
18 dram2.3419109544489 fl oz
19 dram2.4720171185849 fl oz
20 dram2.602123282721 fl oz
21 dram2.732229446857 fl oz
22 dram2.8623356109931 fl oz
23 dram2.9924417751291 fl oz
24 dram3.1225479392652 fl oz
25 dram3.2526541034012 fl oz
26 dram3.3827602675373 fl oz
27 dram3.5128664316733 fl oz
28 dram3.6429725958094 fl oz
29 dram3.7730787599454 fl oz
30 dram3.9031849240815 fl oz
31 dram4.0332910882175 fl oz
32 dram4.1633972523536 fl oz
33 dram4.2935034164896 fl oz
34 dram4.4236095806257 fl oz
35 dram4.5537157447617 fl oz
36 dram4.6838219088978 fl oz
37 dram4.8139280730338 fl oz
38 dram4.9440342371699 fl oz
39 dram5.0741404013059 fl oz
40 dram5.2042465654419 fl oz
41 dram5.334352729578 fl oz
42 dram5.464458893714 fl oz
43 dram5.5945650578501 fl oz
44 dram5.7246712219861 fl oz
45 dram5.8547773861222 fl oz
46 dram5.9848835502582 fl oz
47 dram6.1149897143943 fl oz
48 dram6.2450958785303 fl oz
49 dram6.3752020426664 fl oz
50 dram6.5053082068024 fl oz
DramOunces UK
50 dram6.5053082068024 fl oz
55 dram7.1558390274827 fl oz
60 dram7.8063698481629 fl oz
65 dram8.4569006688432 fl oz
70 dram9.1074314895234 fl oz
75 dram9.7579623102037 fl oz
80 dram10.408493130884 fl oz
85 dram11.059023951564 fl oz
90 dram11.709554772244 fl oz
95 dram12.360085592925 fl oz
100 dram13.010616413605 fl oz
105 dram13.661147234285 fl oz
110 dram14.311678054965 fl oz
115 dram14.962208875646 fl oz
120 dram15.612739696326 fl oz
125 dram16.263270517006 fl oz
130 dram16.913801337686 fl oz
135 dram17.564332158367 fl oz
140 dram18.214862979047 fl oz
145 dram18.865393799727 fl oz
150 dram19.515924620407 fl oz
155 dram20.166455441088 fl oz
160 dram20.816986261768 fl oz
165 dram21.467517082448 fl oz
170 dram22.118047903128 fl oz
175 dram22.768578723809 fl oz
180 dram23.419109544489 fl oz
185 dram24.069640365169 fl oz
190 dram24.720171185849 fl oz
195 dram25.370702006529 fl oz
200 dram26.02123282721 fl oz
205 dram26.67176364789 fl oz
210 dram27.32229446857 fl oz
215 dram27.97282528925 fl oz
220 dram28.623356109931 fl oz
225 dram29.273886930611 fl oz
230 dram29.924417751291 fl oz
235 dram30.574948571971 fl oz
240 dram31.225479392652 fl oz
245 dram31.876010213332 fl oz
250 dram32.526541034012 fl oz
255 dram33.177071854692 fl oz
260 dram33.827602675373 fl oz
265 dram34.478133496053 fl oz
270 dram35.128664316733 fl oz
275 dram35.779195137413 fl oz
280 dram36.429725958094 fl oz
285 dram37.080256778774 fl oz
290 dram37.730787599454 fl oz
295 dram38.381318420134 fl oz

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