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1 dram = 0.0039062764221585 quart
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How Many Quart in a Dram?

There are 0.0039062764221585 quart in a dram.
1 Dram is equal to 0.0039062764221585 Quart.
1 dram = 0.0039062764221585 quart

Dram Definition

A dram is a very old unit of mass used since the times of Ancient Greece. As the name suggests, it originated from the name of the Greek coin, a drachma, and is linked to the weight of this coin in the early epochs. There was also the Roman dram, which was a little lighter (roughly 3.41 grams) from the Greek dram (about 4.37 grams)

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Quart Definition

A quart is a very popular unit of volume used in the countries which adopted the Imperial or the US customary systems of measurement. It is used mainly for measuring the volumes of liquid substances like water, beverages, milk, etc. One quart is equal to 4 cups, 2 pints, and 1/4th of a gallon. The exact correspondence of an Imperial quart to the SI unit is 1 quart is 1.1365225 liters.

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About dram to quart Converter

This is a very easy to use dram to quart converter. First of all just type the dram (dram) value in the text field of the conversion form to start converting dram to quart, then select the decimals value and finally hit convert button if auto calculation didn't work. Quart value will be converted automatically as you type.

The decimals value is the number of digits to be calculated or rounded of the result of dram to quart conversion.

You can also check the dram to quart conversion chart below, or go back to dram to quart converter to top.

Dram to Quart Conversion Chart
1 dram0.0039062764221585 quart
2 dram0.007812552844317 quart
3 dram0.011718829266475 quart
4 dram0.015625105688634 quart
5 dram0.019531382110792 quart
6 dram0.023437658532951 quart
7 dram0.027343934955109 quart
8 dram0.031250211377268 quart
9 dram0.035156487799426 quart
10 dram0.039062764221585 quart
11 dram0.042969040643743 quart
12 dram0.046875317065902 quart
13 dram0.05078159348806 quart
14 dram0.054687869910219 quart
15 dram0.058594146332377 quart
16 dram0.062500422754536 quart
17 dram0.066406699176694 quart
18 dram0.070312975598853 quart
19 dram0.074219252021011 quart
20 dram0.07812552844317 quart
21 dram0.082031804865328 quart
22 dram0.085938081287487 quart
23 dram0.089844357709645 quart
24 dram0.093750634131804 quart
25 dram0.097656910553962 quart
26 dram0.10156318697612 quart
27 dram0.10546946339828 quart
28 dram0.10937573982044 quart
29 dram0.1132820162426 quart
30 dram0.11718829266475 quart
31 dram0.12109456908691 quart
32 dram0.12500084550907 quart
33 dram0.12890712193123 quart
34 dram0.13281339835339 quart
35 dram0.13671967477555 quart
36 dram0.14062595119771 quart
37 dram0.14453222761986 quart
38 dram0.14843850404202 quart
39 dram0.15234478046418 quart
40 dram0.15625105688634 quart
41 dram0.1601573333085 quart
42 dram0.16406360973066 quart
43 dram0.16796988615281 quart
44 dram0.17187616257497 quart
45 dram0.17578243899713 quart
46 dram0.17968871541929 quart
47 dram0.18359499184145 quart
48 dram0.18750126826361 quart
49 dram0.19140754468577 quart
50 dram0.19531382110792 quart
50 dram0.19531382110792 quart
55 dram0.21484520321872 quart
60 dram0.23437658532951 quart
65 dram0.2539079674403 quart
70 dram0.27343934955109 quart
75 dram0.29297073166189 quart
80 dram0.31250211377268 quart
85 dram0.33203349588347 quart
90 dram0.35156487799426 quart
95 dram0.37109626010506 quart
100 dram0.39062764221585 quart
105 dram0.41015902432664 quart
110 dram0.42969040643743 quart
115 dram0.44922178854823 quart
120 dram0.46875317065902 quart
125 dram0.48828455276981 quart
130 dram0.5078159348806 quart
135 dram0.5273473169914 quart
140 dram0.54687869910219 quart
145 dram0.56641008121298 quart
150 dram0.58594146332377 quart
155 dram0.60547284543457 quart
160 dram0.62500422754536 quart
165 dram0.64453560965615 quart
170 dram0.66406699176694 quart
175 dram0.68359837387774 quart
180 dram0.70312975598853 quart
185 dram0.72266113809932 quart
190 dram0.74219252021011 quart
195 dram0.7617239023209 quart
200 dram0.7812552844317 quart
205 dram0.80078666654249 quart
210 dram0.82031804865328 quart
215 dram0.83984943076407 quart
220 dram0.85938081287487 quart
225 dram0.87891219498566 quart
230 dram0.89844357709645 quart
235 dram0.91797495920724 quart
240 dram0.93750634131804 quart
245 dram0.95703772342883 quart
250 dram0.97656910553962 quart
255 dram0.99610048765041 quart
260 dram1.0156318697612 quart
265 dram1.035163251872 quart
270 dram1.0546946339828 quart
275 dram1.0742260160936 quart
280 dram1.0937573982044 quart
285 dram1.1132887803152 quart
290 dram1.132820162426 quart
295 dram1.1523515445368 quart

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