Dram to Teaspoon Conversion (dram to tsp)

Please enter dram (dram) value of volume unit to convert dram to teaspoon.

How Many Teaspoon in a Dram?

There are 0.75000507301355 teaspoon in a dram.
1 Dram is equal to 0.75000507301355 Teaspoon.
1 dram = 0.75000507301355 tsp

Dram Definition

A dram is a very old unit of mass used since the times of Ancient Greece. As the name suggests, it originated from the name of the Greek coin, a drachma, and is linked to the weight of this coin in the early epochs. There was also the Roman dram, which was a little lighter (roughly 3.41 grams) from the Greek dram (about 4.37 grams)

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Teaspoon Definition

A teaspoon as a volume measuring unit is widely used in cooking, pharmaceutical medicine, and some other areas. A teaspoon is a very convenient unit of volume used since the middle of the 17th century. It is roughly equal to 1/3rd of a tablespoon, 1/48th of a US cup, 1/3rd of a cubic inch, or 5 mL. This unit can be abbreviated to tsp.

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About dram to tsp Converter

This is a very easy to use dram to teaspoon converter. First of all just type the dram (dram) value in the text field of the conversion form to start converting dram to tsp, then select the decimals value and finally hit convert button if auto calculation didn't work. Teaspoon value will be converted automatically as you type.

The decimals value is the number of digits to be calculated or rounded of the result of dram to teaspoon conversion.

You can also check the dram to teaspoon conversion chart below, or go back to dram to teaspoon converter to top.

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Dram to Teaspoon Conversion Examples

1 dram = 0.75000507301355 Teaspoon

Example for 2 Dram: 
2 Dram = 2 (Dram) 
2 Dram = 2 x (0.75000507301355 Teaspoon) 
2 Dram = 1.5000101460271 Teaspoon 

Example for 6 Dram: 
6 Dram = 6 (Dram) 
6 Dram = 6 x (0.75000507301355 Teaspoon) 
6 Dram = 4.5000304380813 Teaspoon 

Example for 0.17 Dram: 
0.17 Dram = 0.17 (Dram) 
0.17 Dram = 0.17 x (0.75000507301355 Teaspoon) 
0.17 Dram = 0.1275008624123 Teaspoon 

Dram to Teaspoon Conversion Chart

1 dram0.75000507301355 tsp
2 dram1.5000101460271 tsp
3 dram2.2500152190406 tsp
4 dram3.0000202920542 tsp
5 dram3.7500253650677 tsp
6 dram4.5000304380813 tsp
7 dram5.2500355110948 tsp
8 dram6.0000405841084 tsp
9 dram6.7500456571219 tsp
10 dram7.5000507301355 tsp
11 dram8.250055803149 tsp
12 dram9.0000608761626 tsp
13 dram9.7500659491761 tsp
14 dram10.50007102219 tsp
15 dram11.250076095203 tsp
16 dram12.000081168217 tsp
17 dram12.75008624123 tsp
18 dram13.500091314244 tsp
19 dram14.250096387257 tsp
20 dram15.000101460271 tsp
21 dram15.750106533284 tsp
22 dram16.500111606298 tsp
23 dram17.250116679312 tsp
24 dram18.000121752325 tsp
25 dram18.750126825339 tsp
26 dram19.500131898352 tsp
27 dram20.250136971366 tsp
28 dram21.000142044379 tsp
29 dram21.750147117393 tsp
30 dram22.500152190406 tsp
31 dram23.25015726342 tsp
32 dram24.000162336433 tsp
33 dram24.750167409447 tsp
34 dram25.500172482461 tsp
35 dram26.250177555474 tsp
36 dram27.000182628488 tsp
37 dram27.750187701501 tsp
38 dram28.500192774515 tsp
39 dram29.250197847528 tsp
40 dram30.000202920542 tsp
41 dram30.750207993555 tsp
42 dram31.500213066569 tsp
43 dram32.250218139583 tsp
44 dram33.000223212596 tsp
45 dram33.75022828561 tsp
46 dram34.500233358623 tsp
47 dram35.250238431637 tsp
48 dram36.00024350465 tsp
49 dram36.750248577664 tsp
50 dram37.500253650677 tsp
50 dram37.500253650677 tsp
55 dram41.250279015745 tsp
60 dram45.000304380813 tsp
65 dram48.750329745881 tsp
70 dram52.500355110948 tsp
75 dram56.250380476016 tsp
80 dram60.000405841084 tsp
85 dram63.750431206151 tsp
90 dram67.500456571219 tsp
95 dram71.250481936287 tsp
100 dram75.000507301355 tsp
105 dram78.750532666422 tsp
110 dram82.50055803149 tsp
115 dram86.250583396558 tsp
120 dram90.000608761626 tsp
125 dram93.750634126693 tsp
130 dram97.500659491761 tsp
135 dram101.25068485683 tsp
140 dram105.0007102219 tsp
145 dram108.75073558696 tsp
150 dram112.50076095203 tsp
155 dram116.2507863171 tsp
160 dram120.00081168217 tsp
165 dram123.75083704724 tsp
170 dram127.5008624123 tsp
175 dram131.25088777737 tsp
180 dram135.00091314244 tsp
185 dram138.75093850751 tsp
190 dram142.50096387257 tsp
195 dram146.25098923764 tsp
200 dram150.00101460271 tsp
205 dram153.75103996778 tsp
210 dram157.50106533284 tsp
215 dram161.25109069791 tsp
220 dram165.00111606298 tsp
225 dram168.75114142805 tsp
230 dram172.50116679312 tsp
235 dram176.25119215818 tsp
240 dram180.00121752325 tsp
245 dram183.75124288832 tsp
250 dram187.50126825339 tsp
255 dram191.25129361845 tsp
260 dram195.00131898352 tsp
265 dram198.75134434859 tsp
270 dram202.50136971366 tsp
275 dram206.25139507873 tsp
280 dram210.00142044379 tsp
285 dram213.75144580886 tsp
290 dram217.50147117393 tsp
295 dram221.251496539 tsp

Dram to Teaspoon Common Values

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