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Please enter drop (drop) value of volume unit to convert drop to teaspoon.

How Many Teaspoon in a Drop?

There are 0.013157523154497 teaspoon in a drop.
1 Drop is equal to 0.013157523154497 Teaspoon.
1 drop = 0.013157523154497 tsp

Drop Definition

Used very commonly in medicine and cooking, a drop is a unit of volume defined as the volume of a liquid in one drop. It has been used since the 19th century and is considered one of the most roughly specified units of volume. Undoubtedly, the volume of a drop depends on the method or device used for producing drops.

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Teaspoon Definition

A teaspoon as a volume measuring unit is widely used in cooking, pharmaceutical medicine, and some other areas. A teaspoon is a very convenient unit of volume used since the middle of the 17th century. It is roughly equal to 1/3rd of a tablespoon, 1/48th of a US cup, 1/3rd of a cubic inch, or 5 mL. This unit can be abbreviated to tsp.

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About drop to tsp Converter

This is a very easy to use drop to teaspoon converter. First of all just type the drop (drop) value in the text field of the conversion form to start converting drop to tsp, then select the decimals value and finally hit convert button if auto calculation didn't work. Teaspoon value will be converted automatically as you type.

The decimals value is the number of digits to be calculated or rounded of the result of drop to teaspoon conversion.

You can also check the drop to teaspoon conversion chart below, or go back to drop to teaspoon converter to top.

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Drop to Teaspoon Conversion Examples

1 drop = 0.013157523154497 Teaspoon

Example for 20 Drop: 
20 Drop = 20 (Drop) 
20 Drop = 20 x (0.013157523154497 Teaspoon) 
20 Drop = 0.26315046308994 Teaspoon 

Example for 60 Drop: 
60 Drop = 60 (Drop) 
60 Drop = 60 x (0.013157523154497 Teaspoon) 
60 Drop = 0.78945138926981 Teaspoon 

Example for 6 Drop: 
6 Drop = 6 (Drop) 
6 Drop = 6 x (0.013157523154497 Teaspoon) 
6 Drop = 0.078945138926981 Teaspoon 

Drop to Teaspoon Conversion Chart

1 drop0.013157523154497 tsp
2 drop0.026315046308994 tsp
3 drop0.039472569463491 tsp
4 drop0.052630092617988 tsp
5 drop0.065787615772485 tsp
6 drop0.078945138926981 tsp
7 drop0.092102662081478 tsp
8 drop0.10526018523598 tsp
9 drop0.11841770839047 tsp
10 drop0.13157523154497 tsp
11 drop0.14473275469947 tsp
12 drop0.15789027785396 tsp
13 drop0.17104780100846 tsp
14 drop0.18420532416296 tsp
15 drop0.19736284731745 tsp
16 drop0.21052037047195 tsp
17 drop0.22367789362645 tsp
18 drop0.23683541678094 tsp
19 drop0.24999293993544 tsp
20 drop0.26315046308994 tsp
21 drop0.27630798624444 tsp
22 drop0.28946550939893 tsp
23 drop0.30262303255343 tsp
24 drop0.31578055570793 tsp
25 drop0.32893807886242 tsp
26 drop0.34209560201692 tsp
27 drop0.35525312517142 tsp
28 drop0.36841064832591 tsp
29 drop0.38156817148041 tsp
30 drop0.39472569463491 tsp
31 drop0.4078832177894 tsp
32 drop0.4210407409439 tsp
33 drop0.4341982640984 tsp
34 drop0.44735578725289 tsp
35 drop0.46051331040739 tsp
36 drop0.47367083356189 tsp
37 drop0.48682835671639 tsp
38 drop0.49998587987088 tsp
39 drop0.51314340302538 tsp
40 drop0.52630092617988 tsp
41 drop0.53945844933437 tsp
42 drop0.55261597248887 tsp
43 drop0.56577349564337 tsp
44 drop0.57893101879786 tsp
45 drop0.59208854195236 tsp
46 drop0.60524606510686 tsp
47 drop0.61840358826135 tsp
48 drop0.63156111141585 tsp
49 drop0.64471863457035 tsp
50 drop0.65787615772485 tsp
50 drop0.65787615772485 tsp
55 drop0.72366377349733 tsp
60 drop0.78945138926981 tsp
65 drop0.8552390050423 tsp
70 drop0.92102662081478 tsp
75 drop0.98681423658727 tsp
80 drop1.0526018523598 tsp
85 drop1.1183894681322 tsp
90 drop1.1841770839047 tsp
95 drop1.2499646996772 tsp
100 drop1.3157523154497 tsp
105 drop1.3815399312222 tsp
110 drop1.4473275469947 tsp
115 drop1.5131151627671 tsp
120 drop1.5789027785396 tsp
125 drop1.6446903943121 tsp
130 drop1.7104780100846 tsp
135 drop1.7762656258571 tsp
140 drop1.8420532416296 tsp
145 drop1.9078408574021 tsp
150 drop1.9736284731745 tsp
155 drop2.039416088947 tsp
160 drop2.1052037047195 tsp
165 drop2.170991320492 tsp
170 drop2.2367789362645 tsp
175 drop2.302566552037 tsp
180 drop2.3683541678094 tsp
185 drop2.4341417835819 tsp
190 drop2.4999293993544 tsp
195 drop2.5657170151269 tsp
200 drop2.6315046308994 tsp
205 drop2.6972922466719 tsp
210 drop2.7630798624443 tsp
215 drop2.8288674782168 tsp
220 drop2.8946550939893 tsp
225 drop2.9604427097618 tsp
230 drop3.0262303255343 tsp
235 drop3.0920179413068 tsp
240 drop3.1578055570793 tsp
245 drop3.2235931728517 tsp
250 drop3.2893807886242 tsp
255 drop3.3551684043967 tsp
260 drop3.4209560201692 tsp
265 drop3.4867436359417 tsp
270 drop3.5525312517142 tsp
275 drop3.6183188674866 tsp
280 drop3.6841064832591 tsp
285 drop3.7498940990316 tsp
290 drop3.8156817148041 tsp
295 drop3.8814693305766 tsp

Drop to Teaspoon Common Values

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