Liter to Cubic Yard Conversion (L to yd³)

Please enter liter (L) value of volume unit to convert liter to cubic yard.

How Many Cubic Yard in a Liter?

There are 0.0013079506193 cubic yard in a liter.
1 Liter is equal to 0.0013079506193 Cubic Yard.
1 L = 0.0013079506193 yd³

Liter Definition

A liter is a non-metric unit of volume which is equal to the volume of a cube with 10 cm on each side. It is a non-SI unit, which recognizes the same volume unit as a cubic decimeter. Originated from an ancient French measurement system, a liter is now used very widely around the world for measuring volume of all kinds of liquid substances. It has go a symbol of l (or L).

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Cubic Yard Definition

This unit of volume measurement is used in those countries which adopted the Imperial system, like the UK, the US, India, Canada, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and others. This unit defines the volume equal to the one of a cube with one yard at each side. The symbols adopted for this unit is yd3 or cu yd. One cubic yard is equal to 27 cubic feet, roughly 764.5549 liters, and 46656 cubic inches.

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About L to yd³ Converter

This is a very easy to use liter to cubic yard converter. First of all just type the liter (L) value in the text field of the conversion form to start converting L to yd³, then select the decimals value and finally hit convert button if auto calculation didn't work. Cubic Yard value will be converted automatically as you type.

The decimals value is the number of digits to be calculated or rounded of the result of liter to cubic yard conversion.

You can also check the liter to cubic yard conversion chart below, or go back to liter to cubic yard converter to top.

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Liter to Cubic Yard Conversion Examples

1 L = 0.0013079506193 Cubic Yard

Example for 30 Liter: 
30 Liter = 30 (Liter) 
30 Liter = 30 x (0.0013079506193 Cubic Yard) 
30 Liter = 0.039238518579 Cubic Yard 

Example for 25 Liter: 
25 Liter = 25 (Liter) 
25 Liter = 25 x (0.0013079506193 Cubic Yard) 
25 Liter = 0.0326987654825 Cubic Yard 

Example for 56 Liter: 
56 Liter = 56 (Liter) 
56 Liter = 56 x (0.0013079506193 Cubic Yard) 
56 Liter = 0.0732452346808 Cubic Yard 

Example for 900 Liter: 
900 Liter = 900 (Liter) 
900 Liter = 900 x (0.0013079506193 Cubic Yard) 
900 Liter = 1.17715555737 Cubic Yard 

Liter to Cubic Yard Conversion Chart

LiterCubic Yard
1 L0.0013079506193 yd³
2 L0.0026159012386 yd³
3 L0.0039238518579 yd³
4 L0.0052318024772 yd³
5 L0.0065397530965 yd³
6 L0.0078477037158 yd³
7 L0.0091556543351 yd³
8 L0.0104636049544 yd³
9 L0.0117715555737 yd³
10 L0.013079506193 yd³
11 L0.0143874568123 yd³
12 L0.0156954074316 yd³
13 L0.0170033580509 yd³
14 L0.0183113086702 yd³
15 L0.0196192592895 yd³
16 L0.0209272099088 yd³
17 L0.0222351605281 yd³
18 L0.0235431111474 yd³
19 L0.0248510617667 yd³
20 L0.026159012386 yd³
21 L0.0274669630053 yd³
22 L0.0287749136246 yd³
23 L0.0300828642439 yd³
24 L0.0313908148632 yd³
25 L0.0326987654825 yd³
26 L0.0340067161018 yd³
27 L0.0353146667211 yd³
28 L0.0366226173404 yd³
29 L0.0379305679597 yd³
30 L0.039238518579 yd³
31 L0.0405464691983 yd³
32 L0.0418544198176 yd³
33 L0.0431623704369 yd³
34 L0.0444703210562 yd³
35 L0.0457782716755 yd³
36 L0.0470862222948 yd³
37 L0.0483941729141 yd³
38 L0.0497021235334 yd³
39 L0.0510100741527 yd³
40 L0.052318024772 yd³
41 L0.0536259753913 yd³
42 L0.0549339260106 yd³
43 L0.0562418766299 yd³
44 L0.0575498272492 yd³
45 L0.0588577778685 yd³
46 L0.0601657284878 yd³
47 L0.0614736791071 yd³
48 L0.0627816297264 yd³
49 L0.0640895803457 yd³
50 L0.065397530965 yd³
LiterCubic Yard
50 L0.065397530965 yd³
55 L0.0719372840615 yd³
60 L0.078477037158 yd³
65 L0.0850167902545 yd³
70 L0.091556543351 yd³
75 L0.0980962964475 yd³
80 L0.104636049544 yd³
85 L0.1111758026405 yd³
90 L0.117715555737 yd³
95 L0.1242553088335 yd³
100 L0.13079506193 yd³
105 L0.1373348150265 yd³
110 L0.143874568123 yd³
115 L0.1504143212195 yd³
120 L0.156954074316 yd³
125 L0.1634938274125 yd³
130 L0.170033580509 yd³
135 L0.1765733336055 yd³
140 L0.183113086702 yd³
145 L0.1896528397985 yd³
150 L0.196192592895 yd³
155 L0.2027323459915 yd³
160 L0.209272099088 yd³
165 L0.2158118521845 yd³
170 L0.222351605281 yd³
175 L0.2288913583775 yd³
180 L0.235431111474 yd³
185 L0.2419708645705 yd³
190 L0.248510617667 yd³
195 L0.2550503707635 yd³
200 L0.26159012386 yd³
205 L0.2681298769565 yd³
210 L0.274669630053 yd³
215 L0.2812093831495 yd³
220 L0.287749136246 yd³
225 L0.2942888893425 yd³
230 L0.300828642439 yd³
235 L0.3073683955355 yd³
240 L0.313908148632 yd³
245 L0.3204479017285 yd³
250 L0.326987654825 yd³
255 L0.3335274079215 yd³
260 L0.340067161018 yd³
265 L0.3466069141145 yd³
270 L0.353146667211 yd³
275 L0.3596864203075 yd³
280 L0.366226173404 yd³
285 L0.3727659265005 yd³
290 L0.379305679597 yd³
295 L0.3858454326935 yd³

Liter to Cubic Yard Common Values

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