Ounces to Cup Conversion (fl oz to cup)

Please enter ounces (fl oz) value of volume unit to convert ounces to cup.

How Many Cup in a Ounce?

There are 0.12500000001479 cup in a ounce.
1 Ounce is equal to 0.12500000001479 Cup.
1 fl oz = 0.12500000001479 cup

Ounces Definition

Known as the US fluid ounce, the unit of volume for liquid substances is used as ounce in the US and other countries practicing the US Customary system. It is equals to approximately 1/8 of US cup, 1/16 of US pint, approximately 1.040842731 Imperial Fluid Ounces, 2 tablespoons or 6 teaspoons. The name ounce is derived from an old Latin word Onza, and the symbol adopted for this unit is fl oz.

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Cup Definition

A cup is a very commonly used unit of volume measurement, especially for measuring small volumes at the kitchen or in the garden. 1 cup is the unit approved by the Imperial system and the US customary system, and it is equal to 250 milliliters. There are actually a few types of cups sued around the world, including the US legal cup, Imperial cup, Japanese cup, etc., and they all are different in terms of the value.

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About fl oz to cup Converter

This is a very easy to use ounces to cup converter. First of all just type the ounces (fl oz) value in the text field of the conversion form to start converting fl oz to cup, then select the decimals value and finally hit convert button if auto calculation didn't work. Cup value will be converted automatically as you type.

The decimals value is the number of digits to be calculated or rounded of the result of ounces to cup conversion.

You can also check the ounces to cup conversion chart below, or go back to ounces to cup converter to top.

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Ounces to Cup Conversion Examples

1 fl oz = 0.12500000001479 Cup

Example for 5 Ounces: 
5 Ounces = 5 (Ounces) 
5 Ounces = 5 x (0.12500000001479 Cup) 
5 Ounces = 0.62500000007393 Cup 

Example for 8 Ounces: 
8 Ounces = 8 (Ounces) 
8 Ounces = 8 x (0.12500000001479 Cup) 
8 Ounces = 1.0000000001183 Cup 

Example for 24 Ounces: 
24 Ounces = 24 (Ounces) 
24 Ounces = 24 x (0.12500000001479 Cup) 
24 Ounces = 3.0000000003549 Cup 

Ounces to Cup Conversion Chart

1 fl oz0.12500000001479 cup
2 fl oz0.25000000002957 cup
3 fl oz0.37500000004436 cup
4 fl oz0.50000000005915 cup
5 fl oz0.62500000007393 cup
6 fl oz0.75000000008872 cup
7 fl oz0.87500000010351 cup
8 fl oz1.0000000001183 cup
9 fl oz1.1250000001331 cup
10 fl oz1.2500000001479 cup
11 fl oz1.3750000001627 cup
12 fl oz1.5000000001774 cup
13 fl oz1.6250000001922 cup
14 fl oz1.750000000207 cup
15 fl oz1.8750000002218 cup
16 fl oz2.0000000002366 cup
17 fl oz2.1250000002514 cup
18 fl oz2.2500000002662 cup
19 fl oz2.3750000002809 cup
20 fl oz2.5000000002957 cup
21 fl oz2.6250000003105 cup
22 fl oz2.7500000003253 cup
23 fl oz2.8750000003401 cup
24 fl oz3.0000000003549 cup
25 fl oz3.1250000003697 cup
26 fl oz3.2500000003845 cup
27 fl oz3.3750000003992 cup
28 fl oz3.500000000414 cup
29 fl oz3.6250000004288 cup
30 fl oz3.7500000004436 cup
31 fl oz3.8750000004584 cup
32 fl oz4.0000000004732 cup
33 fl oz4.125000000488 cup
34 fl oz4.2500000005027 cup
35 fl oz4.3750000005175 cup
36 fl oz4.5000000005323 cup
37 fl oz4.6250000005471 cup
38 fl oz4.7500000005619 cup
39 fl oz4.8750000005767 cup
40 fl oz5.0000000005915 cup
41 fl oz5.1250000006063 cup
42 fl oz5.250000000621 cup
43 fl oz5.3750000006358 cup
44 fl oz5.5000000006506 cup
45 fl oz5.6250000006654 cup
46 fl oz5.7500000006802 cup
47 fl oz5.875000000695 cup
48 fl oz6.0000000007098 cup
49 fl oz6.1250000007246 cup
50 fl oz6.2500000007393 cup
50 fl oz6.2500000007393 cup
55 fl oz6.8750000008133 cup
60 fl oz7.5000000008872 cup
65 fl oz8.1250000009611 cup
70 fl oz8.7500000010351 cup
75 fl oz9.375000001109 cup
80 fl oz10.000000001183 cup
85 fl oz10.625000001257 cup
90 fl oz11.250000001331 cup
95 fl oz11.875000001405 cup
100 fl oz12.500000001479 cup
105 fl oz13.125000001553 cup
110 fl oz13.750000001627 cup
115 fl oz14.3750000017 cup
120 fl oz15.000000001774 cup
125 fl oz15.625000001848 cup
130 fl oz16.250000001922 cup
135 fl oz16.875000001996 cup
140 fl oz17.50000000207 cup
145 fl oz18.125000002144 cup
150 fl oz18.750000002218 cup
155 fl oz19.375000002292 cup
160 fl oz20.000000002366 cup
165 fl oz20.62500000244 cup
170 fl oz21.250000002514 cup
175 fl oz21.875000002588 cup
180 fl oz22.500000002662 cup
185 fl oz23.125000002736 cup
190 fl oz23.750000002809 cup
195 fl oz24.375000002883 cup
200 fl oz25.000000002957 cup
205 fl oz25.625000003031 cup
210 fl oz26.250000003105 cup
215 fl oz26.875000003179 cup
220 fl oz27.500000003253 cup
225 fl oz28.125000003327 cup
230 fl oz28.750000003401 cup
235 fl oz29.375000003475 cup
240 fl oz30.000000003549 cup
245 fl oz30.625000003623 cup
250 fl oz31.250000003697 cup
255 fl oz31.875000003771 cup
260 fl oz32.500000003845 cup
265 fl oz33.125000003918 cup
270 fl oz33.750000003992 cup
275 fl oz34.375000004066 cup
280 fl oz35.00000000414 cup
285 fl oz35.625000004214 cup
290 fl oz36.250000004288 cup
295 fl oz36.875000004362 cup

Ounces to Cup Common Values

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