Ounces UK to Milliliter Conversion (fl oz to mL)

Please enter ounces uk (fl oz) value of volume unit to convert ounces uk to milliliter.

How Many Milliliter in a Ounce UK?

There are 28.413075003383 milliliter in a ounce uk.
1 Ounce UK is equal to 28.413075003383 Milliliter.
1 fl oz = 28.413075003383 mL

Ounces UK Definition

In contrast to the traditional standards of the US, in the UK and other countries of the Commonwealth of Nations the ounce used as a unit of volume for liquid substances, is the one known as International troy ounce. It is equivalent to 30 milliliters, or roughly 0.960759940 American Fluid Ounces.

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Milliliter Definition

A unit of volume equal to 10−3 liter is a non-metric unit known as a milliliter. It is equivalent to 1 cubic centimeter in the SI. With the symbol ml, this unit is commonly used in medicine or cooking, both in the countries who use the Imperial system, or SI.

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About fl oz to mL Converter

This is a very easy to use ounces uk to milliliter converter. First of all just type the ounces uk (fl oz) value in the text field of the conversion form to start converting fl oz to mL, then select the decimals value and finally hit convert button if auto calculation didn't work. Milliliter value will be converted automatically as you type.

The decimals value is the number of digits to be calculated or rounded of the result of ounces uk to milliliter conversion.

You can also check the ounces uk to milliliter conversion chart below, or go back to ounces uk to milliliter converter to top.

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Ounces UK to Milliliter Conversion Examples

1 fl oz = 28.413075003383 Milliliter

Example for 8 Ounces UK: 
8 Ounces UK = 8 (Ounces UK) 
8 Ounces UK = 8 x (28.413075003383 Milliliter) 
8 Ounces UK = 227.30460002706 Milliliter 

Example for 4 Ounces UK: 
4 Ounces UK = 4 (Ounces UK) 
4 Ounces UK = 4 x (28.413075003383 Milliliter) 
4 Ounces UK = 113.65230001353 Milliliter 

Example for 3.5 Ounces UK: 
3.5 Ounces UK = 3.5 (Ounces UK) 
3.5 Ounces UK = 3.5 x (28.413075003383 Milliliter) 
3.5 Ounces UK = 99.44576251184 Milliliter 

Example for 16 Ounces UK: 
16 Ounces UK = 16 (Ounces UK) 
16 Ounces UK = 16 x (28.413075003383 Milliliter) 
16 Ounces UK = 454.60920005413 Milliliter 

Ounces UK to Milliliter Conversion Chart

Ounces UKMilliliter
1 fl oz28.413075003383 mL
2 fl oz56.826150006766 mL
3 fl oz85.239225010149 mL
4 fl oz113.65230001353 mL
5 fl oz142.06537501691 mL
6 fl oz170.4784500203 mL
7 fl oz198.89152502368 mL
8 fl oz227.30460002706 mL
9 fl oz255.71767503045 mL
10 fl oz284.13075003383 mL
11 fl oz312.54382503721 mL
12 fl oz340.9569000406 mL
13 fl oz369.36997504398 mL
14 fl oz397.78305004736 mL
15 fl oz426.19612505074 mL
16 fl oz454.60920005413 mL
17 fl oz483.02227505751 mL
18 fl oz511.43535006089 mL
19 fl oz539.84842506428 mL
20 fl oz568.26150006766 mL
21 fl oz596.67457507104 mL
22 fl oz625.08765007442 mL
23 fl oz653.50072507781 mL
24 fl oz681.91380008119 mL
25 fl oz710.32687508457 mL
26 fl oz738.73995008796 mL
27 fl oz767.15302509134 mL
28 fl oz795.56610009472 mL
29 fl oz823.9791750981 mL
30 fl oz852.39225010149 mL
31 fl oz880.80532510487 mL
32 fl oz909.21840010825 mL
33 fl oz937.63147511164 mL
34 fl oz966.04455011502 mL
35 fl oz994.4576251184 mL
36 fl oz1022.8707001218 mL
37 fl oz1051.2837751252 mL
38 fl oz1079.6968501286 mL
39 fl oz1108.1099251319 mL
40 fl oz1136.5230001353 mL
41 fl oz1164.9360751387 mL
42 fl oz1193.3491501421 mL
43 fl oz1221.7622251455 mL
44 fl oz1250.1753001488 mL
45 fl oz1278.5883751522 mL
46 fl oz1307.0014501556 mL
47 fl oz1335.414525159 mL
48 fl oz1363.8276001624 mL
49 fl oz1392.2406751658 mL
50 fl oz1420.6537501691 mL
Ounces UKMilliliter
50 fl oz1420.6537501691 mL
55 fl oz1562.7191251861 mL
60 fl oz1704.784500203 mL
65 fl oz1846.8498752199 mL
70 fl oz1988.9152502368 mL
75 fl oz2130.9806252537 mL
80 fl oz2273.0460002706 mL
85 fl oz2415.1113752875 mL
90 fl oz2557.1767503045 mL
95 fl oz2699.2421253214 mL
100 fl oz2841.3075003383 mL
105 fl oz2983.3728753552 mL
110 fl oz3125.4382503721 mL
115 fl oz3267.503625389 mL
120 fl oz3409.569000406 mL
125 fl oz3551.6343754229 mL
130 fl oz3693.6997504398 mL
135 fl oz3835.7651254567 mL
140 fl oz3977.8305004736 mL
145 fl oz4119.8958754905 mL
150 fl oz4261.9612505074 mL
155 fl oz4404.0266255244 mL
160 fl oz4546.0920005413 mL
165 fl oz4688.1573755582 mL
170 fl oz4830.2227505751 mL
175 fl oz4972.288125592 mL
180 fl oz5114.3535006089 mL
185 fl oz5256.4188756258 mL
190 fl oz5398.4842506428 mL
195 fl oz5540.5496256597 mL
200 fl oz5682.6150006766 mL
205 fl oz5824.6803756935 mL
210 fl oz5966.7457507104 mL
215 fl oz6108.8111257273 mL
220 fl oz6250.8765007442 mL
225 fl oz6392.9418757612 mL
230 fl oz6535.0072507781 mL
235 fl oz6677.072625795 mL
240 fl oz6819.1380008119 mL
245 fl oz6961.2033758288 mL
250 fl oz7103.2687508457 mL
255 fl oz7245.3341258626 mL
260 fl oz7387.3995008796 mL
265 fl oz7529.4648758965 mL
270 fl oz7671.5302509134 mL
275 fl oz7813.5956259303 mL
280 fl oz7955.6610009472 mL
285 fl oz8097.7263759641 mL
290 fl oz8239.791750981 mL
295 fl oz8381.857125998 mL

Ounces UK to Milliliter Common Values

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