Ounces UK to Pint UK Conversion (fl oz to pint UK)

1 fl oz = 0.050000022002878 pint UK
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How Many Pint UK in a Ounce UK?

There are 0.050000022002878 pint uk in a ounce uk.
1 Ounce UK is equal to 0.050000022002878 Pint UK.
1 fl oz = 0.050000022002878 pint UK

Ounces UK to Pint UK Conversions

250 fl oz = 12.500006 pint UK
40 fl oz = 2.000001 pint UK
35 fl oz = 1.750001 pint UK
17 fl oz = 0.85 pint UK
8 fl oz = 0.4 pint UK
23 fl oz = 1.150001 pint UK
13 fl oz = 0.65 pint UK
10 fl oz = 0.5 pint UK
20 fl oz = 1 pint UK
15 fl oz = 0.75 pint UK
65 fl oz = 3.250001 pint UK

Ounces UK Definition

In contrast to the traditional standards of the US, in the UK and other countries of the Commonwealth of Nations the ounce used as a unit of volume for liquid substances, is the one known as International troy ounce. It is equivalent to 30 milliliters, or roughly 0.960759940 American Fluid Ounces.

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Pint UK Definition

The Imperial pint is a unit for volume measurement of liquid substances. This unit is widely used in the Commonwealth countries for measuring beverages, etc. One Imperial pint is about 568 mL, and it is a bit larger compared to the liquid pint used in the US. The symbol for the Imperial pint is pt.

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About fl oz to pint UK Converter

This is a very easy to use ounces uk to pint uk converter. First of all just type the ounces uk (fl oz) value in the text field of the conversion form to start converting fl oz to pint UK, then select the decimals value and finally hit convert button if auto calculation didn't work. Pint UK value will be converted automatically as you type.

The decimals value is the number of digits to be calculated or rounded of the result of ounces uk to pint uk conversion.

You can also check the ounces uk to pint uk conversion chart below, or go back to ounces uk to pint uk converter to top.

Ounces UK to Pint UK Conversion Chart
Ounces UKPint UK
1 fl oz0.050000022002878 pint UK
2 fl oz0.10000004400576 pint UK
3 fl oz0.15000006600863 pint UK
4 fl oz0.20000008801151 pint UK
5 fl oz0.25000011001439 pint UK
6 fl oz0.30000013201727 pint UK
7 fl oz0.35000015402015 pint UK
8 fl oz0.40000017602302 pint UK
9 fl oz0.4500001980259 pint UK
10 fl oz0.50000022002878 pint UK
11 fl oz0.55000024203166 pint UK
12 fl oz0.60000026403453 pint UK
13 fl oz0.65000028603741 pint UK
14 fl oz0.70000030804029 pint UK
15 fl oz0.75000033004317 pint UK
16 fl oz0.80000035204605 pint UK
17 fl oz0.85000037404892 pint UK
18 fl oz0.9000003960518 pint UK
19 fl oz0.95000041805468 pint UK
20 fl oz1.0000004400576 pint UK
21 fl oz1.0500004620604 pint UK
22 fl oz1.1000004840633 pint UK
23 fl oz1.1500005060662 pint UK
24 fl oz1.2000005280691 pint UK
25 fl oz1.2500005500719 pint UK
26 fl oz1.3000005720748 pint UK
27 fl oz1.3500005940777 pint UK
28 fl oz1.4000006160806 pint UK
29 fl oz1.4500006380835 pint UK
30 fl oz1.5000006600863 pint UK
31 fl oz1.5500006820892 pint UK
32 fl oz1.6000007040921 pint UK
33 fl oz1.650000726095 pint UK
34 fl oz1.7000007480978 pint UK
35 fl oz1.7500007701007 pint UK
36 fl oz1.8000007921036 pint UK
37 fl oz1.8500008141065 pint UK
38 fl oz1.9000008361094 pint UK
39 fl oz1.9500008581122 pint UK
40 fl oz2.0000008801151 pint UK
41 fl oz2.050000902118 pint UK
42 fl oz2.1000009241209 pint UK
43 fl oz2.1500009461237 pint UK
44 fl oz2.2000009681266 pint UK
45 fl oz2.2500009901295 pint UK
46 fl oz2.3000010121324 pint UK
47 fl oz2.3500010341353 pint UK
48 fl oz2.4000010561381 pint UK
49 fl oz2.450001078141 pint UK
50 fl oz2.5000011001439 pint UK
Ounces UKPint UK
50 fl oz2.5000011001439 pint UK
55 fl oz2.7500012101583 pint UK
60 fl oz3.0000013201727 pint UK
65 fl oz3.2500014301871 pint UK
70 fl oz3.5000015402015 pint UK
75 fl oz3.7500016502158 pint UK
80 fl oz4.0000017602302 pint UK
85 fl oz4.2500018702446 pint UK
90 fl oz4.500001980259 pint UK
95 fl oz4.7500020902734 pint UK
100 fl oz5.0000022002878 pint UK
105 fl oz5.2500023103022 pint UK
110 fl oz5.5000024203166 pint UK
115 fl oz5.750002530331 pint UK
120 fl oz6.0000026403453 pint UK
125 fl oz6.2500027503597 pint UK
130 fl oz6.5000028603741 pint UK
135 fl oz6.7500029703885 pint UK
140 fl oz7.0000030804029 pint UK
145 fl oz7.2500031904173 pint UK
150 fl oz7.5000033004317 pint UK
155 fl oz7.7500034104461 pint UK
160 fl oz8.0000035204605 pint UK
165 fl oz8.2500036304748 pint UK
170 fl oz8.5000037404892 pint UK
175 fl oz8.7500038505036 pint UK
180 fl oz9.000003960518 pint UK
185 fl oz9.2500040705324 pint UK
190 fl oz9.5000041805468 pint UK
195 fl oz9.7500042905612 pint UK
200 fl oz10.000004400576 pint UK
205 fl oz10.25000451059 pint UK
210 fl oz10.500004620604 pint UK
215 fl oz10.750004730619 pint UK
220 fl oz11.000004840633 pint UK
225 fl oz11.250004950648 pint UK
230 fl oz11.500005060662 pint UK
235 fl oz11.750005170676 pint UK
240 fl oz12.000005280691 pint UK
245 fl oz12.250005390705 pint UK
250 fl oz12.500005500719 pint UK
255 fl oz12.750005610734 pint UK
260 fl oz13.000005720748 pint UK
265 fl oz13.250005830763 pint UK
270 fl oz13.500005940777 pint UK
275 fl oz13.750006050791 pint UK
280 fl oz14.000006160806 pint UK
285 fl oz14.25000627082 pint UK
290 fl oz14.500006380835 pint UK
295 fl oz14.750006490849 pint UK

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