Pint to Ounces UK Conversion (pint to fl oz)

1 pint = 16.653476364092 fl oz
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How Many Ounces UK in a Pint?

There are 16.653476364092 ounces uk in a pint.
1 Pint is equal to 16.653476364092 Ounces UK.
1 pint = 16.653476364092 fl oz

Pint to Ounces UK Conversions

0.5 pint = 8.326738 fl oz
1 pint = 16.653476 fl oz
0.75 pint = 12.490107 fl oz
12 pint = 199.841716 fl oz
2 pint = 33.306953 fl oz
0.2 pint = 3.330695 fl oz

Pint Definition

Commonly used for measuring volume for liquid substances used widely around the world, in the countries adopted the Imperial system and the SI. There are a few types of pint, and the pint used in the US and the former colonies of this country is a liquid pint which is equal to approximately 473 mL. There is also a unit known in the US as a dry pint, which is equal to roughly 550 mL.

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Ounces UK Definition

In contrast to the traditional standards of the US, in the UK and other countries of the Commonwealth of Nations the ounce used as a unit of volume for liquid substances, is the one known as International troy ounce. It is equivalent to 30 milliliters, or roughly 0.960759940 American Fluid Ounces.

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About pint to fl oz Converter

This is a very easy to use pint to ounces uk converter. First of all just type the pint (pint) value in the text field of the conversion form to start converting pint to fl oz, then select the decimals value and finally hit convert button if auto calculation didn't work. Ounces UK value will be converted automatically as you type.

The decimals value is the number of digits to be calculated or rounded of the result of pint to ounces uk conversion.

You can also check the pint to ounces uk conversion chart below, or go back to pint to ounces uk converter to top.

Pint to Ounces UK Conversion Chart
PintOunces UK
1 pint16.653476364092 fl oz
2 pint33.306952728183 fl oz
3 pint49.960429092275 fl oz
4 pint66.613905456366 fl oz
5 pint83.267381820458 fl oz
6 pint99.920858184549 fl oz
7 pint116.57433454864 fl oz
8 pint133.22781091273 fl oz
9 pint149.88128727682 fl oz
10 pint166.53476364092 fl oz
11 pint183.18824000501 fl oz
12 pint199.8417163691 fl oz
13 pint216.49519273319 fl oz
14 pint233.14866909728 fl oz
15 pint249.80214546137 fl oz
16 pint266.45562182546 fl oz
17 pint283.10909818956 fl oz
18 pint299.76257455365 fl oz
19 pint316.41605091774 fl oz
20 pint333.06952728183 fl oz
21 pint349.72300364592 fl oz
22 pint366.37648001001 fl oz
23 pint383.02995637411 fl oz
24 pint399.6834327382 fl oz
25 pint416.33690910229 fl oz
26 pint432.99038546638 fl oz
27 pint449.64386183047 fl oz
28 pint466.29733819456 fl oz
29 pint482.95081455865 fl oz
30 pint499.60429092275 fl oz
31 pint516.25776728684 fl oz
32 pint532.91124365093 fl oz
33 pint549.56472001502 fl oz
34 pint566.21819637911 fl oz
35 pint582.8716727432 fl oz
36 pint599.52514910729 fl oz
37 pint616.17862547139 fl oz
38 pint632.83210183548 fl oz
39 pint649.48557819957 fl oz
40 pint666.13905456366 fl oz
41 pint682.79253092775 fl oz
42 pint699.44600729184 fl oz
43 pint716.09948365594 fl oz
44 pint732.75296002003 fl oz
45 pint749.40643638412 fl oz
46 pint766.05991274821 fl oz
47 pint782.7133891123 fl oz
48 pint799.36686547639 fl oz
49 pint816.02034184048 fl oz
50 pint832.67381820458 fl oz
PintOunces UK
50 pint832.67381820458 fl oz
55 pint915.94120002503 fl oz
60 pint999.20858184549 fl oz
65 pint1082.4759636659 fl oz
70 pint1165.7433454864 fl oz
75 pint1249.0107273069 fl oz
80 pint1332.2781091273 fl oz
85 pint1415.5454909478 fl oz
90 pint1498.8128727682 fl oz
95 pint1582.0802545887 fl oz
100 pint1665.3476364092 fl oz
105 pint1748.6150182296 fl oz
110 pint1831.8824000501 fl oz
115 pint1915.1497818705 fl oz
120 pint1998.417163691 fl oz
125 pint2081.6845455114 fl oz
130 pint2164.9519273319 fl oz
135 pint2248.2193091524 fl oz
140 pint2331.4866909728 fl oz
145 pint2414.7540727933 fl oz
150 pint2498.0214546137 fl oz
155 pint2581.2888364342 fl oz
160 pint2664.5562182546 fl oz
165 pint2747.8236000751 fl oz
170 pint2831.0909818956 fl oz
175 pint2914.358363716 fl oz
180 pint2997.6257455365 fl oz
185 pint3080.8931273569 fl oz
190 pint3164.1605091774 fl oz
195 pint3247.4278909978 fl oz
200 pint3330.6952728183 fl oz
205 pint3413.9626546388 fl oz
210 pint3497.2300364592 fl oz
215 pint3580.4974182797 fl oz
220 pint3663.7648001001 fl oz
225 pint3747.0321819206 fl oz
230 pint3830.2995637411 fl oz
235 pint3913.5669455615 fl oz
240 pint3996.834327382 fl oz
245 pint4080.1017092024 fl oz
250 pint4163.3690910229 fl oz
255 pint4246.6364728433 fl oz
260 pint4329.9038546638 fl oz
265 pint4413.1712364843 fl oz
270 pint4496.4386183047 fl oz
275 pint4579.7060001252 fl oz
280 pint4662.9733819456 fl oz
285 pint4746.2407637661 fl oz
290 pint4829.5081455865 fl oz
295 pint4912.775527407 fl oz

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