Pint UK to Cubic Feet Conversion (pint UK to ft³)

1 pint UK = 0.020067956654493 ft³
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How Many Cubic Feet in a Pint UK?

There are 0.020067956654493 cubic feet in a pint uk.
1 Pint UK is equal to 0.020067956654493 Cubic Feet.
1 pint UK = 0.020067956654493 ft³

Pint UK to Cubic Feet Conversions

0.5 pint UK = 0.010034 ft³

Pint UK Definition

The Imperial pint is a unit for volume measurement of liquid substances. This unit is widely used in the Commonwealth countries for measuring beverages, etc. One Imperial pint is about 568 mL, and it is a bit larger compared to the liquid pint used in the US. The symbol for the Imperial pint is pt.

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Cubic Feet Definition

A cubic foot (pl cubic feet) is a unit of measuring volume used by those countries who recognize the Imperial system and the US customary system (the US, the UK, a series of countries in African and the Pacific regions, etc.) A cubic foot is equal to the volume of a cube with each side of 0.3048 meter, or 1 foot. Thus, the volume represented by this unit is equal to approximately 1/35th of a cubic meter, or 28.3168 liters.

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About pint UK to ft³ Converter

This is a very easy to use pint uk to cubic feet converter. First of all just type the pint uk (pint UK) value in the text field of the conversion form to start converting pint UK to ft³, then select the decimals value and finally hit convert button if auto calculation didn't work. Cubic Feet value will be converted automatically as you type.

The decimals value is the number of digits to be calculated or rounded of the result of pint uk to cubic feet conversion.

You can also check the pint uk to cubic feet conversion chart below, or go back to pint uk to cubic feet converter to top.

Pint UK to Cubic Feet Conversion Chart
Pint UKCubic Feet
1 pint UK0.020067956654493 ft³
2 pint UK0.040135913308986 ft³
3 pint UK0.060203869963479 ft³
4 pint UK0.080271826617972 ft³
5 pint UK0.10033978327247 ft³
6 pint UK0.12040773992696 ft³
7 pint UK0.14047569658145 ft³
8 pint UK0.16054365323594 ft³
9 pint UK0.18061160989044 ft³
10 pint UK0.20067956654493 ft³
11 pint UK0.22074752319942 ft³
12 pint UK0.24081547985392 ft³
13 pint UK0.26088343650841 ft³
14 pint UK0.2809513931629 ft³
15 pint UK0.3010193498174 ft³
16 pint UK0.32108730647189 ft³
17 pint UK0.34115526312638 ft³
18 pint UK0.36122321978087 ft³
19 pint UK0.38129117643537 ft³
20 pint UK0.40135913308986 ft³
21 pint UK0.42142708974435 ft³
22 pint UK0.44149504639885 ft³
23 pint UK0.46156300305334 ft³
24 pint UK0.48163095970783 ft³
25 pint UK0.50169891636233 ft³
26 pint UK0.52176687301682 ft³
27 pint UK0.54183482967131 ft³
28 pint UK0.5619027863258 ft³
29 pint UK0.5819707429803 ft³
30 pint UK0.60203869963479 ft³
31 pint UK0.62210665628928 ft³
32 pint UK0.64217461294378 ft³
33 pint UK0.66224256959827 ft³
34 pint UK0.68231052625276 ft³
35 pint UK0.70237848290726 ft³
36 pint UK0.72244643956175 ft³
37 pint UK0.74251439621624 ft³
38 pint UK0.76258235287073 ft³
39 pint UK0.78265030952523 ft³
40 pint UK0.80271826617972 ft³
41 pint UK0.82278622283421 ft³
42 pint UK0.84285417948871 ft³
43 pint UK0.8629221361432 ft³
44 pint UK0.88299009279769 ft³
45 pint UK0.90305804945219 ft³
46 pint UK0.92312600610668 ft³
47 pint UK0.94319396276117 ft³
48 pint UK0.96326191941566 ft³
49 pint UK0.98332987607016 ft³
50 pint UK1.0033978327247 ft³
Pint UKCubic Feet
50 pint UK1.0033978327247 ft³
55 pint UK1.1037376159971 ft³
60 pint UK1.2040773992696 ft³
65 pint UK1.304417182542 ft³
70 pint UK1.4047569658145 ft³
75 pint UK1.505096749087 ft³
80 pint UK1.6054365323594 ft³
85 pint UK1.7057763156319 ft³
90 pint UK1.8061160989044 ft³
95 pint UK1.9064558821768 ft³
100 pint UK2.0067956654493 ft³
105 pint UK2.1071354487218 ft³
110 pint UK2.2074752319942 ft³
115 pint UK2.3078150152667 ft³
120 pint UK2.4081547985392 ft³
125 pint UK2.5084945818116 ft³
130 pint UK2.6088343650841 ft³
135 pint UK2.7091741483566 ft³
140 pint UK2.809513931629 ft³
145 pint UK2.9098537149015 ft³
150 pint UK3.010193498174 ft³
155 pint UK3.1105332814464 ft³
160 pint UK3.2108730647189 ft³
165 pint UK3.3112128479913 ft³
170 pint UK3.4115526312638 ft³
175 pint UK3.5118924145363 ft³
180 pint UK3.6122321978087 ft³
185 pint UK3.7125719810812 ft³
190 pint UK3.8129117643537 ft³
195 pint UK3.9132515476261 ft³
200 pint UK4.0135913308986 ft³
205 pint UK4.1139311141711 ft³
210 pint UK4.2142708974435 ft³
215 pint UK4.314610680716 ft³
220 pint UK4.4149504639885 ft³
225 pint UK4.5152902472609 ft³
230 pint UK4.6156300305334 ft³
235 pint UK4.7159698138059 ft³
240 pint UK4.8163095970783 ft³
245 pint UK4.9166493803508 ft³
250 pint UK5.0169891636233 ft³
255 pint UK5.1173289468957 ft³
260 pint UK5.2176687301682 ft³
265 pint UK5.3180085134406 ft³
270 pint UK5.4183482967131 ft³
275 pint UK5.5186880799856 ft³
280 pint UK5.619027863258 ft³
285 pint UK5.7193676465305 ft³
290 pint UK5.819707429803 ft³
295 pint UK5.9200472130754 ft³

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