Pint UK to Cup Conversion (pint UK to cup)

1 pint UK = 2.4018998511629 cup
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How Many Cup in a Pint UK?

There are 2.4018998511629 cup in a pint uk.
1 Pint UK is equal to 2.4018998511629 Cup.
1 pint UK = 2.4018998511629 cup

Pint UK to Cup Conversions

1 pint UK = 2.4019 cup
1.25 pint UK = 3.002375 cup
0.25 pint UK = 0.600475 cup
4 pint UK = 9.607599 cup
1.0E-6 pint UK = 2.0E-6 cup

Pint UK Definition

The Imperial pint is a unit for volume measurement of liquid substances. This unit is widely used in the Commonwealth countries for measuring beverages, etc. One Imperial pint is about 568 mL, and it is a bit larger compared to the liquid pint used in the US. The symbol for the Imperial pint is pt.

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Cup Definition

A cup is a very commonly used unit of volume measurement, especially for measuring small volumes at the kitchen or in the garden. 1 cup is the unit approved by the Imperial system and the US customary system, and it is equal to 250 milliliters. There are actually a few types of cups sued around the world, including the US legal cup, Imperial cup, Japanese cup, etc., and they all are different in terms of the value.

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About pint UK to cup Converter

This is a very easy to use pint uk to cup converter. First of all just type the pint uk (pint UK) value in the text field of the conversion form to start converting pint UK to cup, then select the decimals value and finally hit convert button if auto calculation didn't work. Cup value will be converted automatically as you type.

The decimals value is the number of digits to be calculated or rounded of the result of pint uk to cup conversion.

You can also check the pint uk to cup conversion chart below, or go back to pint uk to cup converter to top.

Pint UK to Cup Conversion Chart
Pint UKCup
1 pint UK2.4018998511629 cup
2 pint UK4.8037997023259 cup
3 pint UK7.2056995534888 cup
4 pint UK9.6075994046517 cup
5 pint UK12.009499255815 cup
6 pint UK14.411399106978 cup
7 pint UK16.813298958141 cup
8 pint UK19.215198809303 cup
9 pint UK21.617098660466 cup
10 pint UK24.018998511629 cup
11 pint UK26.420898362792 cup
12 pint UK28.822798213955 cup
13 pint UK31.224698065118 cup
14 pint UK33.626597916281 cup
15 pint UK36.028497767444 cup
16 pint UK38.430397618607 cup
17 pint UK40.83229746977 cup
18 pint UK43.234197320933 cup
19 pint UK45.636097172096 cup
20 pint UK48.037997023259 cup
21 pint UK50.439896874422 cup
22 pint UK52.841796725584 cup
23 pint UK55.243696576747 cup
24 pint UK57.64559642791 cup
25 pint UK60.047496279073 cup
26 pint UK62.449396130236 cup
27 pint UK64.851295981399 cup
28 pint UK67.253195832562 cup
29 pint UK69.655095683725 cup
30 pint UK72.056995534888 cup
31 pint UK74.458895386051 cup
32 pint UK76.860795237214 cup
33 pint UK79.262695088377 cup
34 pint UK81.66459493954 cup
35 pint UK84.066494790703 cup
36 pint UK86.468394641866 cup
37 pint UK88.870294493028 cup
38 pint UK91.272194344191 cup
39 pint UK93.674094195354 cup
40 pint UK96.075994046517 cup
41 pint UK98.47789389768 cup
42 pint UK100.87979374884 cup
43 pint UK103.28169360001 cup
44 pint UK105.68359345117 cup
45 pint UK108.08549330233 cup
46 pint UK110.48739315349 cup
47 pint UK112.88929300466 cup
48 pint UK115.29119285582 cup
49 pint UK117.69309270698 cup
50 pint UK120.09499255815 cup
Pint UKCup
50 pint UK120.09499255815 cup
55 pint UK132.10449181396 cup
60 pint UK144.11399106978 cup
65 pint UK156.12349032559 cup
70 pint UK168.13298958141 cup
75 pint UK180.14248883722 cup
80 pint UK192.15198809303 cup
85 pint UK204.16148734885 cup
90 pint UK216.17098660466 cup
95 pint UK228.18048586048 cup
100 pint UK240.18998511629 cup
105 pint UK252.19948437211 cup
110 pint UK264.20898362792 cup
115 pint UK276.21848288374 cup
120 pint UK288.22798213955 cup
125 pint UK300.23748139537 cup
130 pint UK312.24698065118 cup
135 pint UK324.256479907 cup
140 pint UK336.26597916281 cup
145 pint UK348.27547841862 cup
150 pint UK360.28497767444 cup
155 pint UK372.29447693025 cup
160 pint UK384.30397618607 cup
165 pint UK396.31347544188 cup
170 pint UK408.3229746977 cup
175 pint UK420.33247395351 cup
180 pint UK432.34197320933 cup
185 pint UK444.35147246514 cup
190 pint UK456.36097172096 cup
195 pint UK468.37047097677 cup
200 pint UK480.37997023259 cup
205 pint UK492.3894694884 cup
210 pint UK504.39896874422 cup
215 pint UK516.40846800003 cup
220 pint UK528.41796725584 cup
225 pint UK540.42746651166 cup
230 pint UK552.43696576747 cup
235 pint UK564.44646502329 cup
240 pint UK576.4559642791 cup
245 pint UK588.46546353492 cup
250 pint UK600.47496279073 cup
255 pint UK612.48446204655 cup
260 pint UK624.49396130236 cup
265 pint UK636.50346055818 cup
270 pint UK648.51295981399 cup
275 pint UK660.52245906981 cup
280 pint UK672.53195832562 cup
285 pint UK684.54145758144 cup
290 pint UK696.55095683725 cup
295 pint UK708.56045609306 cup

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