Teaspoon to Cubic Inches Conversion (tsp to in³)

1 tsp = 0.30078125001639 in³
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How Many Cubic Inches in a Teaspoon?

There are 0.30078125001639 cubic inches in a teaspoon.
1 Teaspoon is equal to 0.30078125001639 Cubic Inches.
1 tsp = 0.30078125001639 in³

Teaspoon to Cubic Inches Conversions

1 tsp = 0.300781 in³
0.25 tsp = 0.075195 in³
2.5 tsp = 0.751953 in³

Teaspoon Definition

A teaspoon as a volume measuring unit is widely used in cooking, pharmaceutical medicine, and some other areas. A teaspoon is a very convenient unit of volume used since the middle of the 17th century. It is roughly equal to 1/3rd of a tablespoon, 1/48th of a US cup, 1/3rd of a cubic inch, or 5 mL. This unit can be abbreviated to tsp.

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Cubic Inches Definition

One of the most commonly used unit of volume measurement in the Imperial and the US customary system, a cubic inch is equal to the volume of a cube with one inch at each of its side. The unit has got symbols of cu in, cui, or in3. A cubic inch is equal to 1/123 cubic feet, or 16.387064 milliliters, or approximately 1 tablespoon.

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About tsp to in³ Converter

This is a very easy to use teaspoon to cubic inches converter. First of all just type the teaspoon (tsp) value in the text field of the conversion form to start converting tsp to in³, then select the decimals value and finally hit convert button if auto calculation didn't work. Cubic Inches value will be converted automatically as you type.

The decimals value is the number of digits to be calculated or rounded of the result of teaspoon to cubic inches conversion.

You can also check the teaspoon to cubic inches conversion chart below, or go back to teaspoon to cubic inches converter to top.

Teaspoon to Cubic Inches Conversion Chart
TeaspoonCubic Inches
1 tsp0.30078125001639 in³
2 tsp0.60156250003279 in³
3 tsp0.90234375004918 in³
4 tsp1.2031250000656 in³
5 tsp1.503906250082 in³
6 tsp1.8046875000984 in³
7 tsp2.1054687501148 in³
8 tsp2.4062500001312 in³
9 tsp2.7070312501475 in³
10 tsp3.0078125001639 in³
11 tsp3.3085937501803 in³
12 tsp3.6093750001967 in³
13 tsp3.9101562502131 in³
14 tsp4.2109375002295 in³
15 tsp4.5117187502459 in³
16 tsp4.8125000002623 in³
17 tsp5.1132812502787 in³
18 tsp5.4140625002951 in³
19 tsp5.7148437503115 in³
20 tsp6.0156250003279 in³
21 tsp6.3164062503443 in³
22 tsp6.6171875003607 in³
23 tsp6.9179687503771 in³
24 tsp7.2187500003935 in³
25 tsp7.5195312504098 in³
26 tsp7.8203125004262 in³
27 tsp8.1210937504426 in³
28 tsp8.421875000459 in³
29 tsp8.7226562504754 in³
30 tsp9.0234375004918 in³
31 tsp9.3242187505082 in³
32 tsp9.6250000005246 in³
33 tsp9.925781250541 in³
34 tsp10.226562500557 in³
35 tsp10.527343750574 in³
36 tsp10.82812500059 in³
37 tsp11.128906250607 in³
38 tsp11.429687500623 in³
39 tsp11.730468750639 in³
40 tsp12.031250000656 in³
41 tsp12.332031250672 in³
42 tsp12.632812500689 in³
43 tsp12.933593750705 in³
44 tsp13.234375000721 in³
45 tsp13.535156250738 in³
46 tsp13.835937500754 in³
47 tsp14.136718750771 in³
48 tsp14.437500000787 in³
49 tsp14.738281250803 in³
50 tsp15.03906250082 in³
TeaspoonCubic Inches
50 tsp15.03906250082 in³
55 tsp16.542968750902 in³
60 tsp18.046875000984 in³
65 tsp19.550781251066 in³
70 tsp21.054687501148 in³
75 tsp22.55859375123 in³
80 tsp24.062500001312 in³
85 tsp25.566406251393 in³
90 tsp27.070312501475 in³
95 tsp28.574218751557 in³
100 tsp30.078125001639 in³
105 tsp31.582031251721 in³
110 tsp33.085937501803 in³
115 tsp34.589843751885 in³
120 tsp36.093750001967 in³
125 tsp37.597656252049 in³
130 tsp39.101562502131 in³
135 tsp40.605468752213 in³
140 tsp42.109375002295 in³
145 tsp43.613281252377 in³
150 tsp45.117187502459 in³
155 tsp46.621093752541 in³
160 tsp48.125000002623 in³
165 tsp49.628906252705 in³
170 tsp51.132812502787 in³
175 tsp52.636718752869 in³
180 tsp54.140625002951 in³
185 tsp55.644531253033 in³
190 tsp57.148437503115 in³
195 tsp58.652343753197 in³
200 tsp60.156250003279 in³
205 tsp61.660156253361 in³
210 tsp63.164062503443 in³
215 tsp64.667968753525 in³
220 tsp66.171875003607 in³
225 tsp67.675781253689 in³
230 tsp69.179687503771 in³
235 tsp70.683593753853 in³
240 tsp72.187500003935 in³
245 tsp73.691406254016 in³
250 tsp75.195312504098 in³
255 tsp76.69921875418 in³
260 tsp78.203125004262 in³
265 tsp79.707031254344 in³
270 tsp81.210937504426 in³
275 tsp82.714843754508 in³
280 tsp84.21875000459 in³
285 tsp85.722656254672 in³
290 tsp87.226562504754 in³
295 tsp88.730468754836 in³

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