Teaspoon to Gallon UK Conversion (tsp to gal UK)

1 tsp = 0.0010842111779615 gal UK
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How Many Gallon UK in a Teaspoon?

There are 0.0010842111779615 gallon uk in a teaspoon.
1 Teaspoon is equal to 0.0010842111779615 Gallon UK.
1 tsp = 0.0010842111779615 gal UK

Teaspoon Definition

A teaspoon as a volume measuring unit is widely used in cooking, pharmaceutical medicine, and some other areas. A teaspoon is a very convenient unit of volume used since the middle of the 17th century. It is roughly equal to 1/3rd of a tablespoon, 1/48th of a US cup, 1/3rd of a cubic inch, or 5 mL. This unit can be abbreviated to tsp.

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Gallon UK Definition

An Imperial gallon is a unit of measurement for volume, mainly for gases or liquid substances. It is used in the countries practicing the Imperial system like the UK and its former colonies, some territories of Canada, etc. One Imperial gallon is equal to 4.54609 liters, and it can be divided into four quarts, or into 8 pints.

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About tsp to gal UK Converter

This is a very easy to use teaspoon to gallon uk converter. First of all just type the teaspoon (tsp) value in the text field of the conversion form to start converting tsp to gal UK, then select the decimals value and finally hit convert button if auto calculation didn't work. Gallon UK value will be converted automatically as you type.

The decimals value is the number of digits to be calculated or rounded of the result of teaspoon to gallon uk conversion.

You can also check the teaspoon to gallon uk conversion chart below, or go back to teaspoon to gallon uk converter to top.

Teaspoon to Gallon UK Conversion Chart
TeaspoonGallon UK
1 tsp0.0010842111779615 gal UK
2 tsp0.002168422355923 gal UK
3 tsp0.0032526335338844 gal UK
4 tsp0.0043368447118459 gal UK
5 tsp0.0054210558898074 gal UK
6 tsp0.0065052670677689 gal UK
7 tsp0.0075894782457304 gal UK
8 tsp0.0086736894236919 gal UK
9 tsp0.0097579006016533 gal UK
10 tsp0.010842111779615 gal UK
11 tsp0.011926322957576 gal UK
12 tsp0.013010534135538 gal UK
13 tsp0.014094745313499 gal UK
14 tsp0.015178956491461 gal UK
15 tsp0.016263167669422 gal UK
16 tsp0.017347378847384 gal UK
17 tsp0.018431590025345 gal UK
18 tsp0.019515801203307 gal UK
19 tsp0.020600012381268 gal UK
20 tsp0.02168422355923 gal UK
21 tsp0.022768434737191 gal UK
22 tsp0.023852645915153 gal UK
23 tsp0.024936857093114 gal UK
24 tsp0.026021068271076 gal UK
25 tsp0.027105279449037 gal UK
26 tsp0.028189490626999 gal UK
27 tsp0.02927370180496 gal UK
28 tsp0.030357912982922 gal UK
29 tsp0.031442124160883 gal UK
30 tsp0.032526335338844 gal UK
31 tsp0.033610546516806 gal UK
32 tsp0.034694757694767 gal UK
33 tsp0.035778968872729 gal UK
34 tsp0.03686318005069 gal UK
35 tsp0.037947391228652 gal UK
36 tsp0.039031602406613 gal UK
37 tsp0.040115813584575 gal UK
38 tsp0.041200024762536 gal UK
39 tsp0.042284235940498 gal UK
40 tsp0.043368447118459 gal UK
41 tsp0.044452658296421 gal UK
42 tsp0.045536869474382 gal UK
43 tsp0.046621080652344 gal UK
44 tsp0.047705291830305 gal UK
45 tsp0.048789503008267 gal UK
46 tsp0.049873714186228 gal UK
47 tsp0.05095792536419 gal UK
48 tsp0.052042136542151 gal UK
49 tsp0.053126347720113 gal UK
50 tsp0.054210558898074 gal UK
TeaspoonGallon UK
50 tsp0.054210558898074 gal UK
55 tsp0.059631614787882 gal UK
60 tsp0.065052670677689 gal UK
65 tsp0.070473726567496 gal UK
70 tsp0.075894782457304 gal UK
75 tsp0.081315838347111 gal UK
80 tsp0.086736894236919 gal UK
85 tsp0.092157950126726 gal UK
90 tsp0.097579006016533 gal UK
95 tsp0.10300006190634 gal UK
100 tsp0.10842111779615 gal UK
105 tsp0.11384217368596 gal UK
110 tsp0.11926322957576 gal UK
115 tsp0.12468428546557 gal UK
120 tsp0.13010534135538 gal UK
125 tsp0.13552639724519 gal UK
130 tsp0.14094745313499 gal UK
135 tsp0.1463685090248 gal UK
140 tsp0.15178956491461 gal UK
145 tsp0.15721062080442 gal UK
150 tsp0.16263167669422 gal UK
155 tsp0.16805273258403 gal UK
160 tsp0.17347378847384 gal UK
165 tsp0.17889484436364 gal UK
170 tsp0.18431590025345 gal UK
175 tsp0.18973695614326 gal UK
180 tsp0.19515801203307 gal UK
185 tsp0.20057906792287 gal UK
190 tsp0.20600012381268 gal UK
195 tsp0.21142117970249 gal UK
200 tsp0.2168422355923 gal UK
205 tsp0.2222632914821 gal UK
210 tsp0.22768434737191 gal UK
215 tsp0.23310540326172 gal UK
220 tsp0.23852645915153 gal UK
225 tsp0.24394751504133 gal UK
230 tsp0.24936857093114 gal UK
235 tsp0.25478962682095 gal UK
240 tsp0.26021068271076 gal UK
245 tsp0.26563173860056 gal UK
250 tsp0.27105279449037 gal UK
255 tsp0.27647385038018 gal UK
260 tsp0.28189490626999 gal UK
265 tsp0.28731596215979 gal UK
270 tsp0.2927370180496 gal UK
275 tsp0.29815807393941 gal UK
280 tsp0.30357912982922 gal UK
285 tsp0.30900018571902 gal UK
290 tsp0.31442124160883 gal UK
295 tsp0.31984229749864 gal UK

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