Teaspoon to Pint Conversion (tsp to pint)

Please enter teaspoon (tsp) value of volume unit to convert teaspoon to pint.

How Many Pint in a Teaspoon?

There are 0.010416666667234 pint in a teaspoon.
1 Teaspoon is equal to 0.010416666667234 Pint.
1 tsp = 0.010416666667234 pint

Teaspoon Definition

A teaspoon as a volume measuring unit is widely used in cooking, pharmaceutical medicine, and some other areas. A teaspoon is a very convenient unit of volume used since the middle of the 17th century. It is roughly equal to 1/3rd of a tablespoon, 1/48th of a US cup, 1/3rd of a cubic inch, or 5 mL. This unit can be abbreviated to tsp.

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Pint Definition

Commonly used for measuring volume for liquid substances used widely around the world, in the countries adopted the Imperial system and the SI. There are a few types of pint, and the pint used in the US and the former colonies of this country is a liquid pint which is equal to approximately 473 mL. There is also a unit known in the US as a dry pint, which is equal to roughly 550 mL.

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About tsp to pint Converter

This is a very easy to use teaspoon to pint converter. First of all just type the teaspoon (tsp) value in the text field of the conversion form to start converting tsp to pint, then select the decimals value and finally hit convert button if auto calculation didn't work. Pint value will be converted automatically as you type.

The decimals value is the number of digits to be calculated or rounded of the result of teaspoon to pint conversion.

You can also check the teaspoon to pint conversion chart below, or go back to teaspoon to pint converter to top.

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Teaspoon to Pint Conversion Examples

1 tsp = 0.010416666667234 Pint

Example for 2 Teaspoon: 
2 Teaspoon = 2 (Teaspoon) 
2 Teaspoon = 2 x (0.010416666667234 Pint) 
2 Teaspoon = 0.020833333334469 Pint 

Example for 96 Teaspoon: 
96 Teaspoon = 96 (Teaspoon) 
96 Teaspoon = 96 x (0.010416666667234 Pint) 
96 Teaspoon = 1.0000000000545 Pint 

Example for 0.25 Teaspoon: 
0.25 Teaspoon = 0.25 (Teaspoon) 
0.25 Teaspoon = 0.25 x (0.010416666667234 Pint) 
0.25 Teaspoon = 0.0026041666668086 Pint 

Teaspoon to Pint Conversion Chart

1 tsp0.010416666667234 pint
2 tsp0.020833333334469 pint
3 tsp0.031250000001703 pint
4 tsp0.041666666668938 pint
5 tsp0.052083333336172 pint
6 tsp0.062500000003407 pint
7 tsp0.072916666670641 pint
8 tsp0.083333333337876 pint
9 tsp0.09375000000511 pint
10 tsp0.10416666667234 pint
11 tsp0.11458333333958 pint
12 tsp0.12500000000681 pint
13 tsp0.13541666667405 pint
14 tsp0.14583333334128 pint
15 tsp0.15625000000852 pint
16 tsp0.16666666667575 pint
17 tsp0.17708333334299 pint
18 tsp0.18750000001022 pint
19 tsp0.19791666667746 pint
20 tsp0.20833333334469 pint
21 tsp0.21875000001192 pint
22 tsp0.22916666667916 pint
23 tsp0.23958333334639 pint
24 tsp0.25000000001363 pint
25 tsp0.26041666668086 pint
26 tsp0.2708333333481 pint
27 tsp0.28125000001533 pint
28 tsp0.29166666668257 pint
29 tsp0.3020833333498 pint
30 tsp0.31250000001703 pint
31 tsp0.32291666668427 pint
32 tsp0.3333333333515 pint
33 tsp0.34375000001874 pint
34 tsp0.35416666668597 pint
35 tsp0.36458333335321 pint
36 tsp0.37500000002044 pint
37 tsp0.38541666668768 pint
38 tsp0.39583333335491 pint
39 tsp0.40625000002214 pint
40 tsp0.41666666668938 pint
41 tsp0.42708333335661 pint
42 tsp0.43750000002385 pint
43 tsp0.44791666669108 pint
44 tsp0.45833333335832 pint
45 tsp0.46875000002555 pint
46 tsp0.47916666669279 pint
47 tsp0.48958333336002 pint
48 tsp0.50000000002725 pint
49 tsp0.51041666669449 pint
50 tsp0.52083333336172 pint
50 tsp0.52083333336172 pint
55 tsp0.5729166666979 pint
60 tsp0.62500000003407 pint
65 tsp0.67708333337024 pint
70 tsp0.72916666670641 pint
75 tsp0.78125000004259 pint
80 tsp0.83333333337876 pint
85 tsp0.88541666671493 pint
90 tsp0.9375000000511 pint
95 tsp0.98958333338728 pint
100 tsp1.0416666667234 pint
105 tsp1.0937500000596 pint
110 tsp1.1458333333958 pint
115 tsp1.197916666732 pint
120 tsp1.2500000000681 pint
125 tsp1.3020833334043 pint
130 tsp1.3541666667405 pint
135 tsp1.4062500000767 pint
140 tsp1.4583333334128 pint
145 tsp1.510416666749 pint
150 tsp1.5625000000852 pint
155 tsp1.6145833334213 pint
160 tsp1.6666666667575 pint
165 tsp1.7187500000937 pint
170 tsp1.7708333334299 pint
175 tsp1.822916666766 pint
180 tsp1.8750000001022 pint
185 tsp1.9270833334384 pint
190 tsp1.9791666667746 pint
195 tsp2.0312500001107 pint
200 tsp2.0833333334469 pint
205 tsp2.1354166667831 pint
210 tsp2.1875000001192 pint
215 tsp2.2395833334554 pint
220 tsp2.2916666667916 pint
225 tsp2.3437500001278 pint
230 tsp2.3958333334639 pint
235 tsp2.4479166668001 pint
240 tsp2.5000000001363 pint
245 tsp2.5520833334724 pint
250 tsp2.6041666668086 pint
255 tsp2.6562500001448 pint
260 tsp2.708333333481 pint
265 tsp2.7604166668171 pint
270 tsp2.8125000001533 pint
275 tsp2.8645833334895 pint
280 tsp2.9166666668257 pint
285 tsp2.9687500001618 pint
290 tsp3.020833333498 pint
295 tsp3.0729166668342 pint

Teaspoon to Pint Common Values

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