Square Inch to Square Foot Conversion (in² to ft²)

Please enter square inch (in²) value of area unit to convert square inch to square foot.

How Many Square Foot in a Square Inch?

There are 0.0069444444 square foot in a square inch.
1 Square Inch is equal to 0.0069444444 Square Foot.
1 in² = 0.0069444444 ft²

Square Inch Definition

Used very often in the framework of the Imperial system, square inches are the units of area which represent a square-shaped area with one inch on each side. One square inch is equal to 6.4516 square centimeters and can be marked with the symbols of sq in or in2. It is widely used primarily in architecture, engineering, construction, and other related areas requiring measuring of relatively small areas.

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Square Foot Definition

A square foot (pl. square feet) is one of the most commonly used non-metric and non-SI unit of area. In the countries traditionally tied with the Imperial system, a square foot can be used for measuring square footage of relatively small kinds of areas, including the one of rooms, middle size objects, etc. A square foot is equal to 144 square inches, or 0.0929 square meters. Instead of a common short symbol, this unit is usually marked as sq ft or ft2.

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About in² to ft² Converter

This is a very easy to use square inch to square foot converter. First of all just type the square inch (in²) value in the text field of the conversion form to start converting in² to ft², then select the decimals value and finally hit convert button if auto calculation didn't work. Square Foot value will be converted automatically as you type.

The decimals value is the number of digits to be calculated or rounded of the result of square inch to square foot conversion.

You can also check the square inch to square foot conversion chart below, or go back to square inch to square foot converter to top.

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Square Inch to Square Foot Conversion Examples

1 in² = 0.0069444444 Square Foot

Example for 18 Square Inch: 
18 Square Inch = 18 (Square Inch) 
18 Square Inch = 18 x (0.0069444444 Square Foot) 
18 Square Inch = 0.1249999992 Square Foot 

Example for 2 Square Inch: 
2 Square Inch = 2 (Square Inch) 
2 Square Inch = 2 x (0.0069444444 Square Foot) 
2 Square Inch = 0.0138888888 Square Foot 

Example for 3 Square Inch: 
3 Square Inch = 3 (Square Inch) 
3 Square Inch = 3 x (0.0069444444 Square Foot) 
3 Square Inch = 0.0208333332 Square Foot 

Square Inch to Square Foot Conversion Chart

Square InchSquare Foot
1 in²0.0069444444 ft²
2 in²0.0138888888 ft²
3 in²0.0208333332 ft²
4 in²0.0277777776 ft²
5 in²0.034722222 ft²
6 in²0.0416666664 ft²
7 in²0.0486111108 ft²
8 in²0.0555555552 ft²
9 in²0.0624999996 ft²
10 in²0.069444444 ft²
11 in²0.0763888884 ft²
12 in²0.0833333328 ft²
13 in²0.0902777772 ft²
14 in²0.0972222216 ft²
15 in²0.104166666 ft²
16 in²0.1111111104 ft²
17 in²0.1180555548 ft²
18 in²0.1249999992 ft²
19 in²0.1319444436 ft²
20 in²0.138888888 ft²
21 in²0.1458333324 ft²
22 in²0.1527777768 ft²
23 in²0.1597222212 ft²
24 in²0.1666666656 ft²
25 in²0.17361111 ft²
26 in²0.1805555544 ft²
27 in²0.1874999988 ft²
28 in²0.1944444432 ft²
29 in²0.2013888876 ft²
30 in²0.208333332 ft²
31 in²0.2152777764 ft²
32 in²0.2222222208 ft²
33 in²0.2291666652 ft²
34 in²0.2361111096 ft²
35 in²0.243055554 ft²
36 in²0.2499999984 ft²
37 in²0.2569444428 ft²
38 in²0.2638888872 ft²
39 in²0.2708333316 ft²
40 in²0.277777776 ft²
41 in²0.2847222204 ft²
42 in²0.2916666648 ft²
43 in²0.2986111092 ft²
44 in²0.3055555536 ft²
45 in²0.312499998 ft²
46 in²0.3194444424 ft²
47 in²0.3263888868 ft²
48 in²0.3333333312 ft²
49 in²0.3402777756 ft²
50 in²0.34722222 ft²
Square InchSquare Foot
50 in²0.34722222 ft²
55 in²0.381944442 ft²
60 in²0.416666664 ft²
65 in²0.451388886 ft²
70 in²0.486111108 ft²
75 in²0.52083333 ft²
80 in²0.555555552 ft²
85 in²0.590277774 ft²
90 in²0.624999996 ft²
95 in²0.659722218 ft²
100 in²0.69444444 ft²
105 in²0.729166662 ft²
110 in²0.763888884 ft²
115 in²0.798611106 ft²
120 in²0.833333328 ft²
125 in²0.86805555 ft²
130 in²0.902777772 ft²
135 in²0.937499994 ft²
140 in²0.972222216 ft²
145 in²1.006944438 ft²
150 in²1.04166666 ft²
155 in²1.076388882 ft²
160 in²1.111111104 ft²
165 in²1.145833326 ft²
170 in²1.180555548 ft²
175 in²1.21527777 ft²
180 in²1.249999992 ft²
185 in²1.284722214 ft²
190 in²1.319444436 ft²
195 in²1.354166658 ft²
200 in²1.38888888 ft²
205 in²1.423611102 ft²
210 in²1.458333324 ft²
215 in²1.493055546 ft²
220 in²1.527777768 ft²
225 in²1.56249999 ft²
230 in²1.597222212 ft²
235 in²1.631944434 ft²
240 in²1.666666656 ft²
245 in²1.701388878 ft²
250 in²1.7361111 ft²
255 in²1.770833322 ft²
260 in²1.805555544 ft²
265 in²1.840277766 ft²
270 in²1.874999988 ft²
275 in²1.90972221 ft²
280 in²1.944444432 ft²
285 in²1.979166654 ft²
290 in²2.013888876 ft²
295 in²2.048611098 ft²

Square Inch to Square Foot Common Values

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