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1 K = 1.8 °R
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K: Kelvin, °R: Rankine
Kelvin Conversions

1 Kelvin is equal to 1.8 Rankine.

Kelvin Definition

This is one more widely recognized base SI unit of measurement for temperature defined as Kelvin (with K as its symbol). Named after a famous British scientist W. T. Kelvin, the related scale is the thermodynamic absolute scale which uses the point at which all the atomic motion stops as an absolute zero (or the null point) which is equivalent to -273.15 °C. The Kelvin scale is usually used for doing scientific calculations or other related purposes.

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Rankine Definition

Rankine is a very rarely used thermodynamic temperature scale and a unit for temperature measurement in the Imperial system, with the symbol R. The scale was proposed in the middle of the 19th century by a British physician and scientist W. J. Rankine. It is based on Fahrenheit scale and uses the common water freezing point as 459.67 °R and water boiling point as 671.69 °R.

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About K to °R Converter

This is a very easy to use kelvin to rankine converter. First of all just type the kelvin (K) value in the text field of the conversion form to start converting K to °R, then select the decimals value and finally hit convert button if auto calculation didn't work. Rankine value will be converted automatically as you type.

The decimals value is the number of digits to be calculated or rounded of the result of kelvin to rankine conversion.

You can also check the kelvin to rankine conversion chart below, or go back to kelvin to rankine converter to top.

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Kelvin to Rankine conversion formula

°R = K * 1.8

Example: 100 K = 180 °R

100 * 1.8 = 180

Kelvin to Rankine Conversion Chart

1 K1.8 °R
2 K3.6 °R
3 K5.4 °R
4 K7.2 °R
5 K9 °R
6 K10.8 °R
7 K12.6 °R
8 K14.4 °R
9 K16.2 °R
10 K18 °R
11 K19.8 °R
12 K21.6 °R
13 K23.4 °R
14 K25.2 °R
15 K27 °R
16 K28.8 °R
17 K30.6 °R
18 K32.4 °R
19 K34.2 °R
20 K36 °R
21 K37.8 °R
22 K39.6 °R
23 K41.4 °R
24 K43.2 °R
25 K45 °R
26 K46.8 °R
27 K48.6 °R
28 K50.4 °R
29 K52.2 °R
30 K54 °R
31 K55.8 °R
32 K57.6 °R
33 K59.4 °R
34 K61.2 °R
35 K63 °R
36 K64.8 °R
37 K66.6 °R
38 K68.4 °R
39 K70.2 °R
40 K72 °R
41 K73.8 °R
42 K75.6 °R
43 K77.4 °R
44 K79.2 °R
45 K81 °R
46 K82.8 °R
47 K84.6 °R
48 K86.4 °R
49 K88.2 °R
50 K90 °R
50 K90 °R
55 K99 °R
60 K108 °R
65 K117 °R
70 K126 °R
75 K135 °R
80 K144 °R
85 K153 °R
90 K162 °R
95 K171 °R
100 K180 °R
105 K189 °R
110 K198 °R
115 K207 °R
120 K216 °R
125 K225 °R
130 K234 °R
135 K243 °R
140 K252 °R
145 K261 °R
150 K270 °R
155 K279 °R
160 K288 °R
165 K297 °R
170 K306 °R
175 K315 °R
180 K324 °R
185 K333 °R
190 K342 °R
195 K351 °R
200 K360 °R
205 K369 °R
210 K378 °R
215 K387 °R
220 K396 °R
225 K405 °R
230 K414 °R
235 K423 °R
240 K432 °R
245 K441 °R
250 K450 °R
255 K459 °R
260 K468 °R
265 K477 °R
270 K486 °R
275 K495 °R
280 K504 °R
285 K513 °R
290 K522 °R
295 K531 °R

Kelvin to Rankine Common Values

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