Cubic Inches to Dram Conversion (in³ to dram)

1 in³ = 4.432870448643 dram
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How Many Dram in a Cubic Inch?

There are 4.432870448643 dram in a cubic inch.
1 Cubic Inch is equal to 4.432870448643 Dram.
1 in³ = 4.432870448643 dram

Cubic Inches to Dram Conversions

12 in³ = 53.194445 dram
1 in³ = 4.43287 dram
17.18 in³ = 76.156714 dram
4.86 in³ = 21.54375 dram

Cubic Inches Definition

One of the most commonly used unit of volume measurement in the Imperial and the US customary system, a cubic inch is equal to the volume of a cube with one inch at each of its side. The unit has got symbols of cu in, cui, or in3. A cubic inch is equal to 1/123 cubic feet, or 16.387064 milliliters, or approximately 1 tablespoon.

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Dram Definition

A dram is a very old unit of mass used since the times of Ancient Greece. As the name suggests, it originated from the name of the Greek coin, a drachma, and is linked to the weight of this coin in the early epochs. There was also the Roman dram, which was a little lighter (roughly 3.41 grams) from the Greek dram (about 4.37 grams)

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About in³ to dram Converter

This is a very easy to use cubic inches to dram converter. First of all just type the cubic inches (in³) value in the text field of the conversion form to start converting in³ to dram, then select the decimals value and finally hit convert button if auto calculation didn't work. Dram value will be converted automatically as you type.

The decimals value is the number of digits to be calculated or rounded of the result of cubic inches to dram conversion.

You can also check the cubic inches to dram conversion chart below, or go back to cubic inches to dram converter to top.

Cubic Inches to Dram Conversion Chart
Cubic InchesDram
1 in³4.432870448643 dram
2 in³8.8657408972861 dram
3 in³13.298611345929 dram
4 in³17.731481794572 dram
5 in³22.164352243215 dram
6 in³26.597222691858 dram
7 in³31.030093140501 dram
8 in³35.462963589144 dram
9 in³39.895834037787 dram
10 in³44.32870448643 dram
11 in³48.761574935073 dram
12 in³53.194445383716 dram
13 in³57.62731583236 dram
14 in³62.060186281003 dram
15 in³66.493056729646 dram
16 in³70.925927178289 dram
17 in³75.358797626932 dram
18 in³79.791668075575 dram
19 in³84.224538524218 dram
20 in³88.657408972861 dram
21 in³93.090279421504 dram
22 in³97.523149870147 dram
23 in³101.95602031879 dram
24 in³106.38889076743 dram
25 in³110.82176121608 dram
26 in³115.25463166472 dram
27 in³119.68750211336 dram
28 in³124.12037256201 dram
29 in³128.55324301065 dram
30 in³132.98611345929 dram
31 in³137.41898390793 dram
32 in³141.85185435658 dram
33 in³146.28472480522 dram
34 in³150.71759525386 dram
35 in³155.15046570251 dram
36 in³159.58333615115 dram
37 in³164.01620659979 dram
38 in³168.44907704844 dram
39 in³172.88194749708 dram
40 in³177.31481794572 dram
41 in³181.74768839436 dram
42 in³186.18055884301 dram
43 in³190.61342929165 dram
44 in³195.04629974029 dram
45 in³199.47917018894 dram
46 in³203.91204063758 dram
47 in³208.34491108622 dram
48 in³212.77778153487 dram
49 in³217.21065198351 dram
50 in³221.64352243215 dram
Cubic InchesDram
50 in³221.64352243215 dram
55 in³243.80787467537 dram
60 in³265.97222691858 dram
65 in³288.1365791618 dram
70 in³310.30093140501 dram
75 in³332.46528364823 dram
80 in³354.62963589144 dram
85 in³376.79398813466 dram
90 in³398.95834037787 dram
95 in³421.12269262109 dram
100 in³443.2870448643 dram
105 in³465.45139710752 dram
110 in³487.61574935073 dram
115 in³509.78010159395 dram
120 in³531.94445383716 dram
125 in³554.10880608038 dram
130 in³576.2731583236 dram
135 in³598.43751056681 dram
140 in³620.60186281003 dram
145 in³642.76621505324 dram
150 in³664.93056729646 dram
155 in³687.09491953967 dram
160 in³709.25927178289 dram
165 in³731.4236240261 dram
170 in³753.58797626932 dram
175 in³775.75232851253 dram
180 in³797.91668075575 dram
185 in³820.08103299896 dram
190 in³842.24538524218 dram
195 in³864.40973748539 dram
200 in³886.57408972861 dram
205 in³908.73844197182 dram
210 in³930.90279421504 dram
215 in³953.06714645825 dram
220 in³975.23149870147 dram
225 in³997.39585094468 dram
230 in³1019.5602031879 dram
235 in³1041.7245554311 dram
240 in³1063.8889076743 dram
245 in³1086.0532599175 dram
250 in³1108.2176121608 dram
255 in³1130.381964404 dram
260 in³1152.5463166472 dram
265 in³1174.7106688904 dram
270 in³1196.8750211336 dram
275 in³1219.0393733768 dram
280 in³1241.2037256201 dram
285 in³1263.3680778633 dram
290 in³1285.5324301065 dram
295 in³1307.6967823497 dram

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